Myths about complex vitamin and mineral preparations


Only every third inhabitant of our country is admitted to the use of vitamin and vitamin and mineral supplements. Approximately 50 million packages of this type of products are sold annually. Unfortunately, information about them usually comes from advertising and marketing studies, not from reliable sources, which makes our knowledge difficult to consider as sufficient. Many of the circulating theories regarding vitamin and vitamin-mineral supplements are myths, so it is worth simply to deal with them. 


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There is no doubt that opting for a daily diet on highly processed foods makes it extremely difficult to cover the body’s needs for all necessary nutrients. Who, however, suggests that the supply of a complex of vitamins and minerals from conventional food is not possible to mistake or – it is possible to manipulate. All compounds necessary for the proper functioning of the body are present in food, the art is only the balance of the diet – that it is wholesome. Vitamin supplements and vitamin and mineral diets may be helpful, but absolutely are not. However, it is better to selectively supplement those ingredients that are lacking in the diet, rather than using a package of a dozen substances in bulk. 

There are people who think that they do not have to bother especially to provide adequate supply of vitamins and minerals from conventional food, because they use a good vitamin-mineral supplement that covers the need for all these ingredients. Unfortunately, this is wrong. There is no preparation that would have such qualities. Demand for some minerals is counted in grams, you would need to take a dozen tablets to get all of them. In vitamin preparations, most often there is a lack of potassium, calcium, magnesium, selenium, iodine, copper, and vitamin D. Also it is worth knowing that scientific research also indicates that even every third of such preparations may be of a different composition from the one specified on the product label. 


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Posted on: March 8, 2019

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