Mythology in bodybuilding – that is, we deal with myths


Myth Twenty-first I do not run because I will lose muscle mass! I do not make intervals – it’s a pity! or rescue, I’m afraid to practice!

We are convinced by the not-muscular and even greasy individuals about the alleged loss of muscle mass! The fat level of these people fully reveals itself after removing the clothing – masking the scarcity deficiencies. Another group of scared people is the young adepts of iron sport weighing 50-70 kg each. It is an extremely fun experience for 100-120 kg of combat sports, rugbists or more ambitious amateur bodybuilders to listen to how mass muscle falls when we put on aerobic or interval training.

It is true that muscle mass declines in intense aerobic / interval training are inevitable. But this problem mainly affects people performing 4-5 aerobic and interval training sessions (long-lasting aerobics, lasting more than 30 minutes), with insufficient diet. For 90% of exercising in the gym, this is a false threat. Appropriate supply of carbohydrates, proteins and fats effectively protects us against catabolism. And fat loss and improvement in fitness are much more valuable, for every strength exerciser. For any bodybuilder – low level of body fat should be the most important training goal.

The less body fat in the body

Take your own lessons and start running, perform intervals or other CROSSFIT trainings or stay thick, like 80% of the population of packers – according to the slogan, mass is a class – it does not matter whether fat or muscle.

Also, stop using only the weight of the body, start with its composition. The most important is not the weight number – how much percentage do you have muscle (dry body weight), how much fat, how much water? You can have 80 cm in the thigh and 48 cm in the calf-obese. Does this mean you have lots of muscles?

Posted on: January 21, 2019

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