myth: Without a belt, you should not enter the gym!


Pseudo-bodybuilding, wearing gloves, putting on the belt before starting the workout (and even before warming up!) Makes the gym practicing cripples (sorry, real animals). How do you want to be strong and massive, if you miss your chances at the beginning – using a belt ?! Do you think that the belt protects you against spinal injuries or hernia? Nothing similar. It only stiffens the lumbar region and increases the pressure in the abdominal cavity (compressor). You may as well be injured by the spine (or other joints) if you have bad technique in deadlift and squats. A hernia is mainly conditioned by predispositions. If you are healthy – you are safe. 


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To summarize, DO NOT USE BELOW to 80-85% CM (maximum weight) in the squat, deadlift, drop, push press. If you have a 200 kg record in the squat, you multiply 0.8 * 200 kg = 160 kg, 0.85 * 200 = 170 kg. So up to 170 kg, you should do WITHOUT A BELT. It will make you learn the correct technique, definitely strengthen your back muscles (rectifiers!) And stomach. Using a belt for each weight (starting with a warm-up series) will make you weak and your weights will remain miserable. 


World Champion in 3-fight Daniel Żubr Grabowski – does NOT use the belt for RAW sit-ups (ie without equipment). Since he does not use the belt, he is stronger (he did squat with a weight of 445 kg – say four hundred and forty-five kilograms!). 

Similarly, Kamil Jarota – delicate, 140 kg young man (http // / showthread.php? T = 1515), 3-boist – who has established several Polish records does not use the belt for most of his RAW training. 

Squats without a belt are much more difficult, hence the reluctance of people to perform them without a leather accessory. 

Of course, to beat records 90-100% CM it is worth using a belt. But do not use it for every approach, only for maxs. 



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The same applies to the use of straps or hooks for deadlift, szrugsów or paddling. How do you want to have a strong grip, if you are already using straps that weaken the grip ?! You are not a strongman who makes a deadlift with weights of 300-420 kg (professionals strive for maximum weight and / or number of repetitions – using straps is obvious)! You do not need strips. BUY MAGNESIUM. Throw away gloves, belts – do not use the belt – be STRONG! In order to strengthen the grip, first of all you have to pull yourself up a lot (with a load!), Do a heavy deadlift (150-250% of your body weight!), Oar (100-180% of body weight), oar, one-handed (80-120 % body weight) etc. 


Posted on: January 23, 2019

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