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It sometimes happens that getting up in the morning, you do not feel like anything. Getting out of bed makes more effort than the hardest training. That is why attitude is important. Today’s article I would like to devote to the subject of mental training. The brain is the same muscle as the heart or biceps. Not used disappears. Arnalod Schwarzenegger used to say that when he did not have the mood for training, he simply changed the mood. I will give you a few ways to have a positive attitude before training.


  1. Mental training – automotivation

The only person who is able to give us any guarantee is the one who looks at us from the mirror every day. Some people do not need to be motivated by someone else. They repeat each day, and even several times a day, that they are the best. They do it until they believe it. And such unwavering faith makes them able to move the mountains.

This method is called affirmation. We are building in our minds a detailed vision of what we want to achieve. The more details, the more likely it will become real. We repeat this affirmation, most strongly, twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.


  1. External motivation

Internal motivation is as important as the external one. It is often a driving force for people with low self-esteem. Such people try to become like their idol. They do exactly what he does to achieve the same results. They focus on the goal they aspire to.

However, they often need support in their efforts. For them, the right environment is absolutely important. In the external motivation, motivational films, which can be found on the Internet, play an important role.

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  1. My favorite way

My favorite way is “anchor”. It can be noticed how often the best athletes listen to music before the show. Its aim is to bring them into the right mood. Each of us has a song that connects him well, or a favorite shirt, which he feels great when he wears it.

These are examples of anchors introducing us into the right mood. When I listen to motivational music, I am able to do a harder workout than without it. This is because all my attention is directed one way. I focus on training. 95% of who we are and what we achieve in life depends on our subconscious. That is why mental training and positive attitude as well as character building is absolutely important if we want to succeed in any area of life.

The truck often concentrates long minutes before breaking the record. He thinks in his head that he has already done it. In this way, he programs his body for this appropriate effort.


  1. Planning

It is also worth planning ahead of time what we want to do. It is easier to set yourself up for an action that is planned beforehand because it is known to us. It is not a surprise for our consciousness. It is not without reason that without a training plan and a specific goal, you will not achieve such good results as with such a plan.

Planning is also a form of internal contract. When I do not want to do something that I know is my duty – I ask myself how I will be able to look in the mirror if I fail myself.

Posted on: November 27, 2018

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