Lack of energy during weight loss – what causes it?


Losing weight can worsen the mood, due to the need to eliminate from the menu many foods and dishes you like, but it should not have a bad effect on your physical well-being.If during the reduction diet you experience weakness and decrease in energy, you should think about what causes it.

Bad diet

The most common reason for problems is a poorly composed diet.Lack of energy is then the result of a shortage of important nutrients.It is worth paying special attention to the iron content in the daily menu.There are diets that, due to their stringency, favor weakening in a special way.An example may be the Copenhagen diet.People who count calories should find out what their energy needs are.It depends on age, sex, weight, height and lifestyle.A tall young man who does physical work needs far more calories than a retired senior, so he should not use the same diet.Before setting up a menu, it is recommended to calculate your basic metabolism to know how much energy you need to provide your body so that the internal organs work properly.If during your diet you feel fatigue, you may find that the reason is to provide the body with fewer calories.


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Wrong way of life

The body needs sleep to function properly.Specialists do not agree on how much is the optimal length, but you can not expect well-being if you sleep only five hours a day.Lack of energy should not come as a surprise even when you take on too many responsibilities.Work for a dozen or so hours a day will sooner or later have a negative impact on health, so it’s worth to listen to your body and give yourself enough time to relax.At the same time, do not overdo your workouts.Performing intense exercise every day can have negative effects, especially if combined with a restrictive diet.

Excessive stress

Fatigue can be associated with a change in eating habits, but it does not have to.In order to determine the cause of the problem, one should consider other changes that have occurred recently in our lives. Perhaps the occurrence of negative symptoms coincided with very stressful events, such as job loss, change of manager or parting with a partner.In this situation, you can reach for preparations that herbal sedatives.In a stressful situation, a lemon balm is helpful, which can be purchased in the form of tablets or tea.Good results can also be obtained thanks to melissa, or medical valerian.Stress often prevents restful sleep, and sleep deprivation is equivalent to a drop in energy.You do not always need to take sleeping pills prescribed by a doctor.There are diet supplements that help you fall asleep and support the night regeneration of the body


Weakness is the first sign of many diseases.Among them you can mention anemia, which is promoted by an inadequate diet.If, in addition to lack of energy, symptoms such as apathy and lack of appetite are present, and instead of falling, the weight increases, one can suspect that the cause is hypothyroidism.Lack of energy can also be a sign of diabetes.A visit to the doctor and the implementation of appropriate tests often allows to detect the cause of the problem and to start effective treatment.

In conclusion, the drop in energy may be the result of using the wrong diet.It is then a signal that it is necessary to change the menu and provide the body with the nutrients it needs.Often, however, the lack of rest and excess stress is responsible for overwork, and sometimes it is related to the disease.However, it should never be neglected, because in this way the body tells us that it is not able to function properly.


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Posted on: December 21, 2018

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