It triggers energy!


They improve well-being, trigger good energy, protect against injuries, tempered and allow you to maintain a slim figure! Exercises, because we talk about them, in the autumn and winter are extremely important. What activities should I choose? Advise! 


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Is worth running! 

This year’s golden autumn pampers us! It’s probably the biggest motivation to give up the evening at home and go out to run! Enjoy the last rays of the sun and admire the golden Polish autumn. Even a short morning or evening jog will make you feel healthier and slimmer. 

Or maybe Nordic walking? 

All those who do not like fast pace and intense effort should think about Nordic walking. Walking with poles is one of the more popular autumn sports, which, although it seems non-invasive, it moves all parts of the body. Just poles, a comfortable outfit and a companion with whom you will be able to admire the autumn views and talk together! 

Bicycle rides

This is one of the nicer sports that promotes talks and sightseeing! When the sun shines outside the window, it is worth giving up the car or public transport and change to a bicycle. If you do not have a plan for the weekend, be sure to go for a bike ride out of town. Combine the pleasant with the useful, and by the way you burn unnecessary calories. 

Stretch out!

Autumn evenings are associated with home warmth, hot tea, a thick blanket, favorite armchair, a good book and something sweet? Or maybe after a bit of laziness, you should think about physical activity, thanks to which you will burn calories even from a piece of carrot cake? You probably think it’s not possible, because late autumn is the wrong time to run around the park. Hmmm … You can practice at home. When the gray and pluch window do not forget about stretching. Just 30 minutes a day to keep your body supple and relaxed. What exercises are worth remembering? Crunches, squats, leg cramps, and ball exercises will release a lot of endorphins and make you feel better! 

Find a mentor!

To those who are difficult to motivate for everyday exercises, we recommend activity with a mentor who will additionally encourage physical activity. On the web you will find a lot of videos that show you how to perform a workout step-by-step, tailored to your needs. Just a mat, a comfortable outfit and a favorite fitness trainer. It’s simpler than you think. 

Do not forget about proper hygiene! 

During the autumn exercises do not forget about proper hygiene, thanks to which you will feel comfortable. Remember the ultra-thin and exceptionally soft Bella Intima pads that have been created for women who value gentleness and naturalness. Covered with 100% cotton, fragrance-free and delicate insoles, they are ideal for sensitive skin of intimate areas. 


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Posted on: March 19, 2019

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