Is eating in a hurry harmful?


It is often said not to eat in a hurry. Consequences of such behavior are to be ailments of the digestive system and fatigue.This is not good information for people who have many duties on their heads and are constantly in a hurry. However, is there really anything to fear?

Eating in a hurry is a bad idea, mainly due to the process of making digestive juices. The signal stimulates the secretion of these juices reaches the stomach while the food is chewed in the mouth.If the food is not chewed for long enough, this signal will not reach the stomach before food is in it.What’s more, large pieces of food are more difficult to digest even when there is a sufficient amount of digestive juices in the stomach.This means an increased load on the digestive system.In this situation, there may be ailments of the digestive system, such as flatulence and abdominal pain.This is not the only reason why you should avoid eating in a hurry, especially during weight loss.An important role is also played by hormones that regulate hunger and satiety, which are released only several minutes after eating a meal.If you quickly eat the right portion of food, the signal may not appear immediately.The fact that fast food has negative effects is also demonstrated by the results of the research.It turns out that people who eat fast food have a higher BMI as well as waist circumference.What’s more, they often suffer from cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension and elevated cholesterol.Not without significance is the fact that eating meals in a hurry is conducive to eating errors.A man who does not have time to eat well, usually does not have the choice and preparation of a proper dish.In a hurry, it is not uncommon to use products that are easily available and allow you to quickly prepare a meal, but are not conducive to health and maintaining a slim figure.

In conclusion, the concerns about eating in a hurry are right.Consumption of meals in this way has a negative impact on metabolism, promotes increased appetite and gastrointestinal complaints.It is very important, therefore, to allocate enough time for each meal, no matter how many duties you have.


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Posted on: December 20, 2018

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