Introduction to weight loss – a cleansing diet


A cleansing diet is used to remove toxins lingering in the organismt and, consequently, to improve mood, and reduce the risk of diseases, which are responsible for the harmful substances found in the human body. According to some dieticians, cleansing the body is a good introduction to weight loss. There are a lot of cleansing diets. Here are the most popular ones.

Rice diet

The first proposal is a three-day rice diet. In the course of three days we consume only brown rice without the addition of salt and other spices. It is therefore a one-component diet. At this point it is worth noting that many experts considered monodiets an the most effective ways of cleansing the body. During a diet of rice you can drink non-carbonated water and unsweetened green tea.
Brown rice is rich in fiber, and therefore improves the metabolism. Rice diet effectively removes toxins, and additionally can improve the color of the skin. It is worth remembering that the bag of rice has about 200 calories, and during the day you provide your body with at least 1000 kcal. It’s hard to eat at once a large portion of rice, so meals should be frequent.
Millet diet

Instead of rice can be used millet. As in the case of rice diet, other products are prohibited here, but some spices can be added to groats. Millet is a base-creating cereal, because such a diet is perfect in the case of the acidification of the body. It is recommended to eat from 3 to 5 meals a day. Most often, you can hear the information that the maximum duration of the diet is 14 days, but it is worth noting that according to experts, monodiet can not be used for more than a week. I is also recommended to drink water, and herbal infusions.

Apple diet

A very effective cleansing diet is an apple diet. Despite its name, this is not another monodiet. Apples are the main but not the only part of the menu. The duration of the diet is 4 to 7 days. Apples should be eaten with every meal. You can eat fruit and drink squeezed apple juice. Of course, it does not mean that you can afford to eat everything. Meals should be of light and low calorie. It is best to eat products such as whole wheat bread, rice, fruits, vegetables and lean dairy products. Without a doubt, this is a good option for people who are not able to persevere on a monotonous monodiet.

Juice diet

Another cleansing diet involves drinking fruit and vegetable juices. These juices replace normal meals for a week. Keep in mind that we are talking about freshly squeezed juices, and not those purchased in stores that contain a lot of sugar, thickeners, and other additives. The best time for a juice diet is summer, because that’s when we have the best choice of most fruits and vegetables. However, you can apply this diet at the beginning of spring, using, for example, exotic fruits or sauerkraut.
Especially recommended are tomatoes, carrots, celery, beets, apples, oranges, grapefruit and pickled cabbage. Regardless of what the fruits and vegetables we are going to take, in the morning we should start drinking water with a lemon juice. Until lunchtime, we should drink fruit juices, while lunch and other meals are good for vegetable juices. Such a breakdown is associated with a high sugar content of fruits. Carbohydrates are a good source of energy, but consumed in the second half of the day can be deposited as fat. You can easily heat up juices and add some herbs and spices, such as basil, pepper, and nutmeg them to them.

In the evening, it is recommended to drink the infusion or tea with fennel. You can drink other herbal teas, and mineral water. But it is unacceptable to drink black tea, coffee, alcohol, and other stimulants. Such a diet can be repeated not more often than every three months. To keep on a diet of juices will be easier if before the two weeks preceding the start, you will reduce the caloric content of meals.

Cabbage diet

Good results also brings a three-day diet cabbage. It is based on cabbage – you prepare a special stew without the addition of salt and sugar. You can use both sour and crisp white cabbage. The other ingredients are peppers, 4 tomatoes, a piece of leek or onion, celery and parsley roots 2 with parsley. You add these vegetables to 1,5-2 kg of cabbage. You also add olive oil, but in an amount not bigger that two spoons. Do not not fry it, only boil. On the basis of the specified recipe can be prepared a portion of the stew, which should be enough for 3 days. There are a milder version of the diet, which allows the addition of up to 2 meals servings of fish or lean meat, as well as eating normal, although light breakfasts.

Body cleansing supplements

If for any reason we can not afford a cleansing diet, then you should reach for supplements that help remove toxins from the organism. Such formulations contain beta carotene, vitamins C and E, zinc, manganese, seleniumglutamine, ALA, and Q10. For the production of body cleansing supplements are used primarily fruits, vegetables, and herbs that contain natural antioxidants.

Posted on: September 18, 2018

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