Interval hell



For this type of training we need some obstacles lying on the ground (there may be boxing bags, there may be medical balls, there may be lying griffins – whatever). Obstacles can be 2-4 – according to our view. GREATER (HIGHER) OBSTACLES = BETTER – because it forces us to jump higher. 

STATION 1 we make jumps over obstructions. The number of jumps increases, you start with one (and end with five) – read on. 

STATION 2 we perform efficiently. How to do it? You just do a simple squat without load. After descending to the squat, we support our hands and dynamically throw our legs back. We are going back to the supports – we get up (or even jump up). This whole sequence is one of the best. Dynamics is important – the action should take as little time as possible. The number of mistakes increases – you start with one (and end with five in a row) read on. 

STATION 3 for fighters there is a combination on a boxing bag (1 jump on the first station = 1 look at the second station = 1 action on the bag at this station, 2 jumps = 2 sprawl = 2 actions on the bag, etc.). What action on the bag? Just left straight + right lowkick, left + right. There will not be much more power 


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Other people can, instead, make barbells, strength barbells, dumbbell charge, one-hand punch, dumbbell, etc. You can also use a certain number of push-ups, push-ups, quick push-and-push punching … options are many. NUMBER OF REPORTS start with one and grow up to 5 repetitions – read more. 



This workout will get you guts out. If you have never done it – select the minimum load for 3 stations (for example, I used to charge dumbbells about 25-30 kg, the charge with both hands is 30-40 kg, similarly, the front squat – also no more than 30 kg total load). 


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ALL 3 stations immediately after you, as soon as possible 

Posted on: January 24, 2019

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