Instructing to deadlift – they are how to break


For a start, a quote from a certain topic … 


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1. MC Sumo does not build his back 


3. We always use a belt for MC (20 or 30 kg load!) 

4. Guest shows MC on straight legs as normal (only correct) MC. And an ordinary MC with leg involvement considers it wrong! 

5. Let the guy practice in the flip-flops 

6. Allows the guy to make an excess. 

Who will find other mistakes? 


Also threw instructional films in the field of SW and Self-Defense, where there were also a lot of farmazones, generally I associate a visitor only with different professions but gives the impression of a man who ate all the reason and never had any major achievements in the field of SW. 


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Posted on: January 25, 2019

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