How to stop the evening snacking?


Evening snacking is not just an evening issue. When you limit food too much during the day and you do not eat the risk of eating too much in the afternoon. See what mistakes you commit most often! 


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 1. Plan snacks at work 

You ate breakfast, took dinner for work, but you did not think about snacks. You eat the main meal at 13, but at home you are only 17 – it’s close to a 4 hour break. You are already so hungry that you open the fridge and grab a slice of cheese, a piece of kabanos, a slightly dry hard-boiled egg and half a banana in your child to quench your hunger. Only then do you start to prepare dinner. The problem is that you just ate it in a craze of hunger by reviewing the fridge. Plan snacks at work, thanks to this you will not lead to wolf hunger and calmly eat dinner! 


2. Eat supper! 

Do you have dinner? Many people wrongly avoid eating it, still believing in the myths of not eating after 6pm. What happens when you come back home and it’s already 18? Do you have nothing to eat? There are so many tasty products waiting in the fridge, but no, you can stand it! You break just after 21 and eat everything you wanted all day. Not eating dinner is not working! 

Last meal eat 3 hours before bedtime. It would be best to combine products with high protein content (eg eggs, chicken breast, tofu, yogurt) and dietary fiber (vegetables). Such a set ensures satiety for a long time! 

3. Watch out for snacks!

There is nothing wrong with eating a handful of crisps once in a while. Everything is for people! However, do it 100% consciously and immediately give off the size of the portion. When you do not control how much you eat, the instinctive part of your brain directs the behavior so that you get to the very end, to the bottom. If you want to control it, you must take control! 


4. Get to bed at the right time! 

When you are tired, it’s easier to let go of healthy eating habits! So, how much you eat in the evening is affected by the amount and quality of sleep the night before. The shorter you sleep, the more your cortisol is in your blood – the hormone that increases the desire for sweetness and increases the storage of fat on the stomach! 


5. Ask for support! 

You are trying to! You manage to plan a wholesome dinner and do not snack in the evening. However, when your guy sits next to you with a great sweet popcorn, it’s hard to stop you. Your will is not of steel, do not expect it from yourself. For this reason, ask the nearest people for support! It’s best that roommates do not snack in your company. Maybe they’ll give up this habit at all? 


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Posted on: March 21, 2019

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