How to spice up the diet?


One of the most common reasons for giving up weight loss is a monotonous diet.Food should not only satisfy your appetite, but also give pleasure, and in the case of continuous consumption of the same dishes is impossible.However, the reduction diet not only does not have to, but should not even be monotonous.The more poor the menu, the greater the risk of a shortage of certain nutrients.Here are some ways to diversify your diet.

Herbs and spices

One of the easiest ways to improve the taste of dishes is to add the right herbs and spices.It is also worth using them because many of them contain substances that support slimming.As an example, you can indicate cayenne pepper.The piperine in it is a frequent component of fat burners.Laboratory tests have shown that this substance inhibits the activity of genes that are responsible for the formation of fat cells.The piperine supports the burning of already existing fat and accelerates the secretion of digestive juices.

Particularly noteworthy is the hot chili pepper, in which there is capsaicin.It is another natural fat burner, and at the same time a means of increasing energy and improving well-being.

People who do not like spicy foods can reach for herbs, such as rosemary, which helps digestion and improves blood circulation.Fatty foods will be digested faster if you add a bit of thyme to them.Oregano, basil and tarragon also have a good effect.

You can add a bit of cinnamon to sweet foods and coffee, which contains enzymes that support carbohydrate metabolism.What’s more, cinnamon regulates the level of glucose in the blood.Spice goes perfectly with, for example, porridge or muesli.


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Not just apples

Slimming people usually say that fruits should be an important element of a reduction diet.However, they are often limited to only a few species.The most popular fruit, not only among those seeking to reduce weight, is apples.In Poland, you also eat a lot of pears, bananas and oranges.It is worth expanding your menu also for those fruits for which the average Pole reaches less often.It is good to eat pineapples while slimming.Of course, this is about fresh fruit, not about the can, which contains a lot of calories and makes it difficult to keep a slim figure.Pineapple has properties supporting weight reduction.This is due to the bromeline and biotin contained in it.The first of these substances is a digestive enzyme that breaks down amino acid proteins.What’s more, it has a positive effect on the heart and circulatory system and removes toxins from the body.Biotin supports burning carbohydrates.They are quickly converted into energy, so they do not accumulate in the form of adipose tissue.Pineapple also contains other substances valuable for health.It tastes great, and at the same time allows you to make many delicious salads.

Another fruit that should be included in your menu is fig prickly pear.It has a slightly sour, refreshing taste.People who do not like raw prickly pear can reach for juice or tea made of it.Powdered prickly pear is also popular.It is an ingredient in many slimming supplements because it suppresses hunger and at the same time limits the absorption of fat, so it counteracts weight gain.

Tasty vegetables

The menu should also be enriched with certain vegetables, for example kale.This vegetable contains very few calories, and in addition is rich in dietary fiber.There are also antioxidants and many vitamins and minerals.Kale can be used in the preparation of many dishes, such as salads, cocktails and omelettes.

Among the underestimated vegetables, mention also artichokes.They contain chlorogenic acid, which limits the absorption of sugars, so consumed carbohydrates are burned faster and do not transform into adipose tissue.Artichokes are also a source of many other valuable substances whose action consists, among other things, in removing toxins from the body. They are especially recommended for people suffering from diabetes.

Another interesting proposal is parsnip.Many people wash it with parsley.Despite the very similar appearance, they are two different vegetables.They also have a different taste, which is why there is a good chance that parsnip will be liked by people who do not like parsley.It is milder and sweeter than it.It contains not many calories and at the same time provides many valuable nutrients.What is very important during weight loss, supports digestion. Regularly eating this vegetable has a calming effect and helps regulate blood circulation.Pasternak has a wide culinary application.You can use it, among others, for salads and purees, and make pies from it according to the recipe for potato pancakes.

Searching for new opportunities

Possibility to diversify the menu should be sought everywhere.People who have been used to eating buckwheat and millet so far should get acquainted with other types of groats, just as salmon or trout enthusiasts can try other fish.Some are afraid that introducing such changes will negatively affect the effects of slimming.This is understandable because there are many products that appear light and low calorie, and in fact do not facilitate weight reduction.However, nowadays on the Internet you can find information on each food product, which allows you to verify whether you can afford it while losing weight.

Way of giving

At the end it is worth mentioning the appearance of meals.It is true that the most important thing is that the dish is tasty, but what counts is how it will be served.Every day, you do not usually pay special attention to this special weight.However, it is worth checking what will happen if the plate is adorned with, for example, a few leaves of basil and parsley or slices of fresh fruit or vegetables.According to many people, the meal served in this way seems even tastier.


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Posted on: December 21, 2018

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