How to safely shorten the time spent in the gym?


You do not have too much time for training, and you want it to be fully effective? Or maybe you are bored with the standard approach to exercise, and the rest between the series goes on forever? How to speed up your gym stay?


A sudden phone call, unexpected guests, family matters and many other situations may be a reason to shorten the duration of the training. Probably often because of this you had to finish the gym session in the shortest possible time. What to do if “time is chasing us” and we do not want to neglect training? There are several methods that will allow you to speed up the duration of your training while maintaining its maximum effectiveness.


Shorten breaks between sets.

Seemingly a very simple way, however, many people are afraid that if they do not rest sufficiently enough to fully regain their strength, then training will not be done at 100%. Of course – it’s bad thinking. If you shorten the intervals between sets to the necessary minimum once, this will not result in loss of strength. During “shortened” training you will not be able to lift as much weight as usual.

However, this type of training can be treated as an impulse for muscles, which can contribute to faster growth. In addition, by shortening the intervals between sets, the muscle pump will be much larger. At the same time, you can feel more tired despite the smaller weights.


Do complex, multi-joint exercises.

After coming to the gym you have the most energy, so you must use it. At the beginning of the training, do one of the complex exercises. This will allow you to engage several muscle groups, while focusing all your energy on the exercise. Typically strength exercises, such as deadlift, squats or squeezing, stimulate the most hormones, naturally occurring in the human body (testosterone, growth hormone).


Combine exercises, perform super – series.

Practicing the super-series mode, you can “kill two birds with one stone”. Super – the series consists in performing two exercises directly after each other. During the super-series, you can both train one muscle and combine muscle parts. It is true that when combining two exercises of the same muscle batch, the second exercise in the super – series will not be performed with the maximum possible weight, due to muscle fatigue the first exercise. If, however, you combine two separate, independent muscle parts (for example, biceps + triceps), you can use the maximum weight that you can lift.


Accelerate aerobic exercises – try HIIT

If you are on a reduction and you do not have too much time for standard aerobic training (cross trainer, treadmill, etc.), replace these exercises with another workout, which will (also or better) help you achieve your goal. For example, you can try HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). This is an interval training with much more intensity than standard aerobics. Doing this kind of training will contribute to more calories burned in a shorter duration of training.

Posted on: November 1, 2018

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