How to ride a bike to burn fat?


The spring is fast approaching, the time of cutting to holidays, improving the condition and cycling trips.And if you combine it all together? Cycling is not an ideal way to lose weight, but with a few tips you can make the unwanted fat disappear. How to lose weight on a bike?

Start by improving your fitness

The day after the first bike ride is not the most pleasant one.You will get terrible sores of the whole body, and fatigue of the body preventing cycling can take up to two weeks.Do not waste time and start calmly.Initially, plan a few-meter route in an easy and flat area that you can go around without much problem.When you feel that the driveway is starting to overwhelm you, do not be afraid to get off the bike.Over time, increase the level of difficulty and the length of the route.More often, let yourself overcome the pain and fight to the last drop of sweat.This will help you improve your fitness and prepare for real, effective weight-loss training.

Why is it not worth starting from a thick pipe?

Many beginner cyclists from many times throwing themselves on long and challenging routes according to the principle of heavier training, the better the effects.Unfortunately, it does not always work as you expect.A killingworkout in the absence of fitness will, of course, increase the energy demand, but it can also trigger a huge amount of cortisol, or stress hormone.Its constantly elevated level will make your body start to store fat for hard times, or another effort.At the same time, very rapid effects of such training (loss of glycogen, water, muscle mass) may be the cause of the later occurrence of the yo-yo effect.


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Did recreational driving burn fat?

By reading the information on the Internet, you will certainly come across the idea that you need to exercise over 30 minutes to achieve fat metabolism.During the initial 20-30 minutes of aerobic exercise the body will draw energy from muscle glycogen, not from fat.

Although this statement is a grain of truth, this does not mean that cycling below 30 minutes will be ineffective.Although it does not affect the fat burning directly, it can be used to increase the energy expenditure of the body, and thus to produce a caloric deficit – the basic way to lose weight.You have to know that cycling alone is not enough and you have to combine it with an optimal diet.

However …

Workouts that use ATP and glycogen resources, and then energy released from fatty acids, will be much more effective.Then it can be said that indeed, fat is already burned during physical exertion.However, popular aerobics should be carried out in the low or medium range of maximum heart rate, which will be measured using a heart rate monitor.Their advantage is that they are not very burdensome for the body and do not require a fight for the last breath.

And what about the intervals?

Aerobic exercise is effective, but only up to a point.Why?During a quiet cycling, the body quickly adapts to the effort and over time the effects of weight loss will be worse and worse.The solution is progression and lengthening the duration of the training, which is simply taking more and more cycling routes.However, this has a disastrous side.The lack of aerobic effects on metabolism means that when we eliminate them from the day’s schedule (eg with the arrival of winter), we will quickly gain weight.

The solution can be intervals, or training based on variable effort.It consists in alternating the combination of high effort (high percentage of HRMax) and resting times (low percentage of HRMax).It can be, for example, 90 seconds of fast driving and 30 seconds of free.Such training, however, can be very troublesome to take away the joy of driving.How to remedy this?The solution is very simple.Plan your route so that it has many rather steep, though relatively short, climbs.There will be natural intervals, which can not be avoided.

What are the advantages of the intervals?

The intervals also have many other advantages and will make slimming considerably more effective.Thanks to them you will burn fat not only while driving, but also … during rest!The oxygen debt generated during the intervals will cause your metabolism to be increased for many hours after the bicycle is left to the garage.The advantage of intervals on the bike is also increased secretion of testosterone and growth hormone, strengthening muscle tissue and acting anti-catabolic.

Burning fat while cycling can be very effective.Depending on the speed and conditions of the route, you can burn from about 300 to even 600 kcal in one hour.It’s a great way to lose weight combined with pleasant sightseeing around.Or maybe you will be tempted to continue the trip?


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Posted on: December 11, 2018

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