How to motivate you to lose weight?


Many people choose to fight excessive kilos.Unfortunately, not everyone manages to achieve their goal.The need to deny oneself favorite dishes, tiring workouts, and often no visible effects in the first phase of weight loss make many people give up fighting for the desired figure.Do not you want to join the group of those who give up?In that case, find a good motivation to lose weight.

Support group

During the weight loss, the support of relatives plays a very important role.It is a serious mistake to hide the fact of being on a diet before family and friends.If your surroundings do not know that you are trying to lower your weight, then do not be surprised that someone always treats you with chocolates or cake.It is worth considering whether someone from the family or friends has a similar problem.It is a good idea then to set up a support group whose members will help each other in the fight against excessive kilos.Belonging to such a team, you can boast even small successes, because other slimming people know best how much effort is associated with them.From how important this support is, Jean Nidetch, the author of the Weight Watchers program, was well aware of it.Although there are no Weight Watchers groups in Poland, you can collect people who work similarly.


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Use the Internet

Not everyone can create a support group among their friends.Fortunately, there is also an Internet that offers many possibilities.There are many forums and portals available for people who are trying to lower their weight.Internet users support each other in the fight against overweight and give themselves valuable advice, and above all motivate those who have worse days and are thinking about giving up the diet.You can also set up your own blog, which is an online diary on which your progress in slimming will be described.The opportunity to show off against many Internet users is undoubtedly a very good motivation for effort.What’s more, the Internet is a valuable source of knowledge about weight loss.If, despite the diet and activity, do not lose weight, you will certainly find information on the web that will help to solve this problem.Internet users who provide on forums and slimming portals will be happy to help solve problems such as excessive appetite or sluggish metabolism

Motivational list

The sacrifices and problems associated with weight loss make it easy to forget why the diet started at all.So let’s prepare a list that will remind you about it.What should be on it?All the benefits you can get by getting rid of excessive kilos.Do not forget about health issues, especially if you feel ailments that are the result of being overweight.Think about what would change in your life for the better, if you weighed a little less.People who have been slimmer in the past may join the list of photos from years ago, which will encourage people to fight for a lost figure.Put this card in a visible place and read it in moments when you want to give up slimming.Similar results can be obtained by writing out the benefits of slimming on sheets that will be glued on furniture or walls.


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Reward for small progress

Some set a reward for getting rid of all unnecessary kilos.This is a mistake, because you will have to wait a bit to achieve this goal.It is better to set rewards for small advances in weight loss.Of course, these should be different rewards than a chocolate cake or a large pizza with bacon.You can reward yourself with, for example, a new book, a concert ticket for your favorite band, a weekend out of town or a professional massage.


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Posted on: January 2, 2019

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