How to keep a slim figure and not lose weight loss effects?


Getting rid of overweight requires time and effort, which is why anyone who has managed to eliminate excessive kilos, tries to avoid re-weighting.Unfortunately, after some time many people lose caution.When the threat of the yo-yo effect passes and the slimming times become just a memory, it is easy to give up the developed habits, which results in an increase in weight.Here are some tips on how to avoid wasting weight loss effects.

Do not give up on activity

Physical activity is important not only because of the figure, but above all because of health.The total resignation from training is a big mistake.This does not mean, however, that you must continue the activity that you chose while slimming down.It is worth choosing what you really like.In the case of boredom at the gym or fitness classes, you can try for example jogging, horse riding or Nordic walking.You do not have to train everyday, but regularity is important.There are many ways to combine activity with other activities.For example, you can practice in front of the TV or meet friends at the pool instead of at the bar.

Eat breakfast

During weight loss people usually care about all the rules of a healthy diet, including eating breakfast.However, after some time from getting the desired weight, some people return to their old habits.Skipping the morning meal is associated with a greater desire to snack during the rest of the day.What’s more, the cancellation of breakfast disturbs the regularity of meals, which affects the work of the digestive system.The negative effects can be felt above all by people who have a poor metabolism.


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Drink water before meals

When there are tasty dishes on the table, it is difficult to refuse to put a large portion or even something else.It can help you drink a glass of water before a meal, thanks to which there will be a little less space for food in your stomach.On an empty stomach you can drink water with lemon, which according to many people improves metabolism.

Give yourself some small pleasures

Watching the weight does not mean that you should beware of all pleasures. From time to time you can afford a portion of your favorite ice cream or a slice of pizza. It is important that the menu is dominated by light, healthy meals.

Control your metabolism

Metabolic metabolism has a significant effect on whether the weight is in place or increases or decreases.The slower the metabolism, the more weight you must attach to the meals you eat.It is worth remembering that there are dietary supplements that support metabolism.Supplementation is useful not only during weight loss, because some preparations help maintain the results and provide the body with important nutrients.The transformation of matter is also improved by some herbs and spices, for example cayenne pepper, hot pepper, cinnamon or tarragon.Adding them to meals will make the body digest food quicker.

Be cautious if you have a lot of stress

Stressing is a common problem, which is why many people are at risk when they experience unpleasant events, such as a nervous atmosphere at work or family conflicts.In such situations, the best solution would be to eliminate the cause of stress, but it is not always possible.Instead of absorbing chocolates and ice cream, it’s better to take care of your mental feelings.Good results can be achieved by relaxation techniques or drinking herbs that have calming properties. Physical activity also has a detrimental effect.A long walk, a visit to the pool or participation in dance classes improves the mood, and at the same time promotes the preservation of an attractive silhouette.If the desire to reach for a snack is very strong, it is worth making sure that you always have something light on hand.Pistachio bars or pieces of apples are a better choice than chocolate or a candy bar.

Regularly check the weight and circumferences of individual body parts

Regular weight control will make it possible to quickly take action in the event of an increase in body fat, which will help prevent deterioration of the situation.You must remember that the increase or decrease in weight does not always indicate weight gain or weight loss.In addition to weighing, it is therefore necessary to check the circumference of individual parts of the body.At the beginning, it is worth saving what has been eaten and in what amounts to know what is the cause of the increase in body weight.On the other hand, you can not get obsessed and weigh yourself or measure each day.The stress involved is undoubtedly not conducive to maintaining a slim figure.

In conclusion, the behavior of a slim figure requires compliance with healthy eating habits and being active, as well as controlling your body and weight.However, you can not focus solely on watching the weight, refusing to eat good food and counting calories.


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Posted on: December 21, 2018

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