How to exercise in pregnancy?


Can I exercise during pregnancy? 

There is no unambiguous answer to this question. Of course, the first steps should be directed to the doctor. If the pregnancy is normal and there is no increased risk of miscarriage, the doctor will probably agree to exercise. 


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For the second time, you should ask yourself this question. Often, despite the correct tests and consent of the doctor, you may not feel upset because of unpleasant ailments that are not a contraindication to exercise from a medical point of view. In this case, limit your activity (or change it). The most important is your and your child’s well-being. 

Pregnant women should give up all contact sports, trauma and jumping. 


Can I go on aerobics? 

Aerobic for pregnant women remains a contentious issue. You definitely have to give up on the so-called hi-low, i.e. those in which there are steps with the flight phase, i.e. any jumps. This includes all dance classes and classes on the steppe. 

More and more fitness clubs are opening special groups for pregnant women.  Fitness instructor, who after pregnancy got adjusted to her new conditions and possibilities, and then shared it with other women – this is how the Active 9 months program was created. Many fitness clubs use it or run their own classes. In such classes, in a trusted club where we know that the staff is qualified, you can feel safe. Classes are constructed on the basis of knowledge about the physiology of pregnancy, which is why exercises performed during them have no right to harm the child. Classes for pregnant women are a combination of pilates, yoga and classes with large, inflatable balls. 


Or maybe the gym? 

If you have not used the gym so far, then pregnancy is not a good time to start this adventure. However, if you were a regular visitor to becoming pregnant – do not give up. The best in the gym will be equipment for you from the cardio zone, or treadmills, orbiters and stationary bikes. Stationary bicycles have such an advantage over ordinary bicycles that it is almost impossible to have a tipper, which significantly increases the child’s safety.

You should limit strength exercises for this. Squeezing the bar is definitely not an appropriate exercise during this period, but you can ask the instructor about upper body exercises that you can do with a small load, such as sitting. 


Is it a swimming pool? 

The pool is one of the best forms of exercise for pregnant women. It relieves the spine and joints, relaxes and at the same time helps maintain good condition. In the first months of pregnancy the best style of swimming is the so-called frog, which does not require rotation of the torso, and strengthens the muscles of the back and shoulders, which will prove beneficial when the tummy is big. Later, it’s worth changing your style to swimming on your back or simply drifting on the water.

Another form of exercise at the pool is aqua aerobics for pregnant women. Such activities strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, back, legs and arms. In addition, they relax the hip joints, improve the blood supply to all parts of the body, which reduces the formation of varicose veins and edema. Such training includes general development exercises, using buoyancy belts or swimming boards. 


Is it worth exercising at home? 

Of course you can exercise at home during pregnancy. It is worth taking advantage of exercises taken from pilates or yoga. 

Sample exercises 

– Stand on the floor in a supported kneel. Pull the right hand forward, then add the left leg extended to the back. Try to endure as long as possible, then change your arm and leg. During this exercise, you strengthen the muscles of the body. 

– Stand in stride, let your toes be directed outside. Keeping the straight figure, do the squat while lowering the torso. Make sure that your knees do not change position. 

– Set yourself in the position of a supported kneel. Then, move your hands sideways without changing your knees. If you can not go further, go back to the starting position, then do the exercise the other way round. 


What other activities are indicated during pregnancy? 






What sports are prohibited for pregnant women? 


horse Riding, 




basketball, volleyball and other ball sports, 

martial arts, 

mountain climbing, 



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Posted on: April 25, 2019

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