How to effectively burn fat?


We dream of an ideal beach silhouette every year when the holiday is approaching.However, we associate the burning of fat with arcane art rather than simple principles.As it turns out, losing unnecessary kilograms does not have to be difficult.All we need to do is remember a few important points.

  1. Limit calorific value

The basis for shedding unnecessary fat is limiting the calories consumed.We must create a calorific deficit.What does it mean?Caloric expenditure, i.e. the energy needed to sustain vital functions and that consumed in our activity, must be higher than the calories consumed in food.The caloric demand depends on many factors, includinggender, age, height, weight and lifestyle.The calorie surplus most often concerns people who lead a sedentary lifestyle and consume high-calorie foods (sweets, snacks, fast food).Limiting and controlling the calories consumed is the basis for fat burning.

  1. Do not starve!

It would seem that this point contradicts the first point.Nothing more wrong.One of the most common mistakes during weight loss is a restrictive diet, during whichwe are hungry all the time.Remember that physical and intellectual effort requires a lot of energy from us that you have to provide from food.You can not starve, the more so that it can have the opposite effect.In hunger, it’s easier to throw on cookies, chips and other empty calories.The basis of every diet is therefore full sage, a balanced meal full of macro- and micronutrients.

  1. Exercise regularly

Sometimes it’s difficult to motivate.Regular training is a necessity.You do not have to equate them with penal labor.They can be short and not necessarily very intense.30-minute cardio sessions (eg swimming, cycling, running, walking) or intervals (eg tabata) are perfect.The latter have the additional advantage of oxygen debt.It causes that we burn calories many hours after training, because the increased metabolism is maintained then.Another form of activity can be strength exercises, which, although they burn less calories, but instead strengthen the muscles and firm the skin.

  1. Choose a bike

The amenities of our times are also our nightmare.We go to work by car and enter the high floor with a lift.Even bikes and scooters have electric support today.To maintain the condition and low body fat, it is worth giving up these benefits.Instead of waiting for a bus, take a bike or walk this distance.Give up the elevator to the stairs.If you need motivation, install the application that will count the steps you have taken.It’s a great way to speed up your metabolism and, consequently, to burn fat.


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  1. Give up snacks

Chocolate, chips, cookies, sweet drinks – we all love them.Eating sugar can be addictive, because it is accompanied by the secretion of endorphins – the hormones of happiness.Unfortunately, none of these snacks will satisfy our hunger or provide nutrients to our body.You do not have to completely throw them out of the diet, you just need to limit them.Thanks to this, we will be able to satisfy the remaining caloric pot with healthy, full and balanced food.

  1. Remember about protein

A common problem when losing weight is that we get rid of not only fat but also muscle.Consuming a relatively large amount of protein during reduction is important because it helps us to maintain muscle mass.In addition, the protein is digested slowly, so it enhances the thermogenesis process and ensures satiety for longer.You do not have to worry about fat, because it has been proven that low-carbohydrate diets are very effective in fighting unnecessary kilograms.Can not you provide the right amount of protein from food?Bet on easily absorbable protein supplements.

  1. Practice your legs

Leg muscles belong to the largest muscles in the human body.Severe squats require the greatest concentration and effort.No wonder that exercises such as squat or deadlift are among the best.Exercising the whole body is not enough that it will perfectly develop muscles, it will also help you get rid of fat.Studies have shown that leg workouts help fight hard to get rid of fat around the abdomen, hips and thighs.


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Posted on: December 18, 2018

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