How to effectively build muscle mass?


Do you have problems getting muscle mass? Do you train, try to eat well, and the effects can not be seen? Or maybe you are slim and need help? If so, then be sure to read it!

What is more difficult – building muscle mass or reducing body fat? It all depends on the body building you have. If you are an endomorphist, you need to watch out for fat that can accumulate very quickly and it is harder to burn than it is for a different body structure. If you are a mesomorphic, getting muscle mass comes best because of the athletic build of the body.

It is the most difficult to gain muscle mass for people who are ektomorphic. As a rule, such people do not have a problem with adipose tissue, and if they have it, they do not have problems with it. However, building effective muscle mass by typical ectomorphic cells is a very common problem among people exercising in gyms. This article presents the basic principles that you should follow to effectively build muscle mass.


Are you sure you eat enough?

How often have you met people who repeated over and over again (or how often you said these words) “I eat a lot, but I can not put on weight”? Everyone has met with many such cases. How to remedy this? If you claim that you eat a lot, but you can not put on weight, the answer is only one. Only you think that you eat a lot!

The average person weighing 75 kg consumes about 1800-2200kcal per day. The average ektomorphic (of the same weight) to build muscle mass needs around 2800 – 3400 kcal (depending on the work done during the day). If you want to build muscle mass quickly, counting calories is the foundation! Eating “by eye” can not give any effects, or the effects will come slowly. In most cases (without counting calories), the ektomorphs (trying to eat a lot) gain 0.8kg / month, and in the case of calorie counting even 0.8kg / week !!

Does this mean that you have to eat everything and as much as possible? Of course not! To effectively build muscle mass, you need to eat the right amount of individual macronutrients. In order to get acquainted with the caloric pool required for your body, we recommend reading the topic “Laying a bodybuilding diet – how to go about it?”.

If you find it difficult to arrange a diet, go to the DIET section, where you will find many examples of diets for weight and reduction.


Are you sure you have the right training?

If you belong to people who are hard at getting muscle mass, you should focus on strength training, limiting aerobic exercise to the necessary minimum. For those who want to build muscle mass effectively (and especially for beginners), it is recommended that they perform as much exercise on free weights (dumbbells, barbells). Why? Because doing these exercises not only improve your strength results, but also develop balance and coordination, which is necessary if you want to do the main strength exercises.

Of course, using machines is not a bad thing! Using machines isolate the muscle, and as you know, the more muscle you use while exercising, the more hormones your body produces (testosterone, growth hormone).


Support supplements! – check the price of supplements!

Dietary supplements have been created to help you achieve your goal. They are designed to supplement the shortages of macronutrients, vitamins, minerals and improve strength, endurance as well as the will to exercise. Without supplements, you can achieve the expected results, but it will take more time and effort. Remember – supplements are there to help, but they will not do everything for you!

If you have a perfectly refined diet, you can consume any amount of macronutrients from food, without additional consumption of it in the form of supplements. However, do you want to consume (for example) 220 grams of protein a day from meat, fish, eggs, curds, etc.? Answer yourself!


The last, most important question – are you sure you want it?

If you want to build your dream figure, you must first of all want to. Just wanting in this case means that you have to put your heart into it! Remember, there will always be a million excuses not to go to training, or to give up on the diet. However, if you thoroughly analyze them, each of these excuses is totally pointless. However, the reasons why you should go to the gym are always rational and lead to the goal.

An adventure with the gym is not a sprint, it is a marathon! If you want to achieve something in this sport, you must know that nothing comes right away. Take a few hours or even a few days to get acquainted with the basics on how to build the most effective and fastest muscle mass (or reduce body fat if you want to get rid of unnecessary fat). There is a lot of nonsense on the Internet, but there are also many decent articles and people who will be happy to help.

Posted on: November 5, 2018

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