How to effectively build mass by being an ectomorphic?


Ectomorphic cells have a specific body structure, which requires a bit more effort to build muscle mass than in the case of the mezo or endomorphic mass period. Why is the average ectomorphic problem with mass acquisition? What needs special attention to build a dream figure?


To effectively build a natural muscle mass, one must stick to three basic principles

– a well-balanced diet,

– proper training,

sufficient regeneration.


An addition to help and speed up the process of building weight are dietary supplements.

Since each person has to fulfill three basic conditions, why is the ectomorphic the biggest problem with increasing muscle tissue? Well, the ektomorphic has a much faster metabolism, which is the reason for burning more calories. The result is an increased caloric demand for intake during the day. This is an advantage when reducing body fat, but a disadvantage when building muscle mass. If you want to learn more about individual somatotypes – read the article Ektomorfik, endomorphic, mesomorphic – what somatotype do you have ?.


A well-balanced diet. It is estimated that this element constitutes 55% of a successful mass period, of course I agree with it 100%. The right diet should be divided into individual parts

Caloric surplus. To effectively build muscle mass, the basic element is the increased amount of calories delivered to the body. In the case of ectomorphics, the caloric supply must be apparently greater than the number of calories for weight maintenance. Eating so many calories from meals is the biggest problem faced by people representing this type of body building. The average ektomorphic needs to consume 10-15% more calories than the body requires to maintain weight.

The right proportions of macronutrients. If you want to build muscle mass, not fat, you must respect the division of macronutrients. One of the divisions is 50% – carbohydrates, 30% – protein, 20% – fat. Another 2grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, 5grams of carbohydrates per kilogram of body weight, the rest of the caloric pot – fats. Whichever section is right for your body, it’s important that you stick to this rule!

The right training. The right training is 25% of a successful “mass”. The choice of training, the intensity of the exercises, as well as the number of exercises for particular parties have a significant impact on the final result. However, it should be remembered that training is designed to stimulate muscles to grow, and food is responsible for increasing them. Weight training must contain the following elements

Strength progression. This is one of the most important stimuli that muscle can get. It involves increasing the load during each workout. If the load is sufficient, increase the number of repetitions in series.

Exercises on free weights / multi-joint exercises. Exercises on free weights are especially recommended for people with an ectomorphic physique. Why? Most exercises performed with free weights cause more muscle hypertrophy. In addition, performing complex exercises such as deadlift, squats or any of the squeezes, cause that the body produces more hormones (testosterone and growth hormone).


Appropriate regeneration. It represents about 10% of successful muscle mass.

Dream. The optimal amount of sleep for a person training in the gym is within 7h and 30 minutes. During sleep, the body causes a large burst of growth hormone, which is responsible for the regeneration and remedial functions of the body. Too little sleep can cause inadequate muscle recovery, so that the effects can be much smaller.

Rest during the day. If you are an ektomorphist, and building muscle mass is a real feat for you, you have to focus on the right rest during the day. What I mean? Remember that the more calories you burn during the day, the more you will have to eat to fill in the gaps. Every action performed, regardless of whether it is a standard walk or house cleaning, causes burning of calories. It only depends on you how much you will have to eat to build mass!

Dietary supplements as an addition. Although it is an additive, it constitutes as much as 10% during the process of building muscle mass! Where, up to 10%? As dietary supplements, we mean anti-catabolic preparations, supplements that support strength and contribute to weight gain, nutrients supplementing the diet as well as vitamins and minerals. Each of these supplements directly or indirectly contributes to building muscle mass. For a typical ectomorphic, the following supplements are recommended


Carbohydrate-protein nutrients (gainers). They supplement the diet in the form of carbohydrates (60-80%) and protein (15-30%). Gainers are especially recommended for ectomorphics due to the higher caloric demand. A full-value sheikh can be used as an extra meal as well as an addition to another low-calorie meal. In addition, it can also be used as a meal replacement in situations where it is not possible to consume a standard full-value dish. However, remember to not use carbohydrate – protein supplement as a replacement for more than one meal a day.

Vitamins and minerals. Very often overlooked by inexperienced young gym adepts. Beginning the adventure with the gym, your body loses a lot of minerals during intense exercise, and the demand increases with increasing weight. Supplementing the body with essential vitamins and minerals is necessary for the proper functioning of the body!

BCAA branched amino acids. If your body is burdened with strong physical effort, you can help with the additional supplement which are branched chain amino acids BCAA. They are responsible for efficient regeneration and protect muscles against catabolism. It is not an essential supplement – however, it significantly contributes to the increase in post-workout regeneration – one of the necessary mass building points.

Creatine. The strongest legal remedy and naturally occurring food supplement. It is impossible to consume enough of creatine from food, which is why this supplement is a must-have for every practitioner. The use of creatine increases the amount of ATP energy contained in the muscles, which directly contributes to the increase of strength and indirectly to increase muscle mass.

Whey / casein protein. If you are unable to consume the required amount of protein from meals consumed during the day, this supplement will be the perfect solution for you! Depending on the need, there are proteins with a short absorption period (whey protein isolates) as well as long digested proteins (slowly absorbed – casein protein).


However, it should be remembered that – in order for supplements to be beneficial, all previous sub-items must be kept! There are no supplements that will make you a bodybuilder without proper diet and proper training.

Posted on: November 20, 2018

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