How to choose a good stepper?


Stepper – why is it worth using? 

Stepper is a device that simulates climbing or running up the stairs, which is why it is the perfect equipment for people who want to burn excess body fat. In addition, thanks to the steps on the stepper we can carve calves, thighs and buttocks. 

In principle, everyone can practice on this device, because the stepper does not burden joints as much as during field training or when climbing concrete stairs. 


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Do you want to buy the right stepper? Consider 

what effect of exercises you want to achieve, 

what time you intend to devote to exercises during the day, 

how much space do you have at home on the stepper, 

how much money can you spend on the purchase. 


Which model to choose? 

Straight and torsional steppers are available. In addition, you can find models with ropes (which are used to simultaneously exercise upper body parts) or with a post (to ensure the stability of the equipment, on which leaning relieves the lower limbs and training becomes lighter). 

The simple stepper simulates climbing stairs, while the torsional exercise is somewhat reminiscent of ice skating movements, while activating additional muscle parts. Links designed for the upper part will help strengthen the muscles of the arms and back. 

The choice of stepper also depends on the time we can devote to exercise every day. If we intend to exercise a maximum of 30 minutes, then we can safely buy the so-called mini stepper consisting of only steps. However, if you are planning longer workouts, it is worth considering a stepper equipped with a column that will ensure the stability of the equipment. 

When we choose a stepper, we also need to think about where we set it up at home. Mini steppers will fit almost anywhere, it is also not a problem to hide them, for example, into the wardrobe, but if we prefer to buy a device equipped with a column, we must take into account that it will take us much more space. 

Before you buy – advice for consumers 

It is also a good idea to go to the sports equipment store before buying, to try out the model and check what materials it is made of. 

Online stores offer many models at promotional prices, but often their durability is negligible. 

You should also pay attention to the sounds issued during the exercises – most steppers give a characteristic sound of the pistons, but many of them additionally creaks unpleasantly and it often is impossible to oil these creaky places. 


Is it worth buying the cheapest?

Not necessarily. Pay attention to the company and whether the price is promotional or permanent. If the manufacturer is a known brand and the price has been reduced due to, for example, sales, it is worth taking the opportunity. However, if the price oscillating around PLN 100 is a fixed price of equipment, and we have never heard the brand, it is better to wait and put away additional money for this purpose. Why? For the simple reason, the cheapest steppers are made of poor quality plastic and metal, which almost immediately starts to creak, grease during the work heats up giving off an unpleasant odor, and the plastic stages break very quickly and the device is not suitable for further use. 



Posted on: April 19, 2019

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