How to carve your stomach?


Abdominal muscles are the most desirable muscle part. Every guy wants to have a nicely sculpted belly, success in women and satisfaction. Do not forget that the abdominal muscles are very important because they create the muscular corset that keeps our torso. Strong abdominal muscles are a strong body, which is extremely important in every sport.

  1. Abdominal muscles – anatomy

Abdominal muscles are a complex of several connected muscles. It includes the abdominal muscle, the abdominal oblique muscle, the internal abdominal oblique muscle, the transverse abdominal muscle, the trapezius muscle of the loin and the pyramid muscle. All of these muscles form a complex of abdominal muscles. It is most desirable to have so-called “Six-pack”, meaning the unveiling of the straight abdominal muscle.


  1. How to form abdominal muscles?

The answer to this question is simple. You just need to reduce the level of body fat, because it’s its percentage content that determines what our “six pack” looks like. Of course, the bigger the muscles, the furrows between the ankles are deeper, which in turn makes the muscles look better. Nevertheless, the level of adipose tissue remains crucial in this case.

The level of fat in a man should be around 15%. At 10-12%, the muscles are slightly more visible. The level of body fat at the level of 6-8% guarantees the outline of the abdominal muscles. In the case of women, a slightly outlined belly will be visible at 18-20% of the body fat, reasonably well outlined in the 15-17% range, and very visible when the adipose tissue reaches a value between 10-12%.


  1. Genetics of abdominal muscles and fiber composition

The structure and size of each muscle in our body determines genetics. Each of us is different, hence each muscle develops in different ways. If our abdominal muscles are uneven, we will not do anything about it.


As you know, your muscles consist of two types of fibers, slow and fast twitch. As for the abdominal muscles, their composition is as follows: 55-58% are type I (ST – slow twitching), 15-23% type IIA and 21-28% type IIB (fast-twitch) fibers.



  1. Exercises for abdominal muscles

Here are the best exercises for the stomach

Tightening the belly lying with his legs on the ball

I chose this exercise because the legs on the ball allow the thigh muscles to be off. The fastening movement is very important, during which we do not detach the lumbar region. This episode adheres to the mat all the time. We make a move in which our bridge approaches the pelvis.

Attracting legs to the chest in the overhang

These are great exercises for the lower part of the abdominal muscles. The most important is the movement of the hips. Bending legs in the knee joints pull up to the chest. For the abdominal muscles to work, pull the hips up towards the chest in the final phase of the movement. At the moment when we work only with legs, not hips, all the work is done by the muscles of the legs, not the abdomen.

Supporting the forearm on the forearms (board)

A great stabilizing exercise and activating deep muscles. The most important thing when holding this position is that our body creates one line, and that the arms, hips and knees are in one line.

During this time, we stretch the abdominal muscles and pull it in as if we wanted to touch the navel of the spine.


  1. Myths about abdominal muscles

There are many myths about abdominal muscles. I chose the ones that can be considered the most popular

– by training the abdominal muscles, you burn fat from the stomach;

– by training your belly every day, you’ll get yourself the much-coveted “six-pack”;

– a large number of exercises will speed up the effects;

– Aerobic Six Weider is ideal for creating solid abdominal muscles.


  1. Abdominal muscle training

Abdominal muscles are visible at a fat level of 15% in men and 18-20% in women. We train the stomach up to 2-3 times a week. It is the same muscle party as biceps or barges. It also needs regeneration.

The abdomen works very hard at multi-joint exercises such as squats and deadlift. Abdominal training should consist of 3 exercises. The number of series should also be 3.

Posted on: November 16, 2018

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