How jumping from diet to diet affects your body?


Sooner or later you will be caught up in a moment when you feel that you will not get any more, that you are still standing still. You think that you know everything about diets, calories and nutrients, and yet you still can not achieve lasting results. The more you try, the more restrictions you introduce, the more severe the failure becomes. See what signals indicate that you can not stop playing diet classes. 


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Rules of the game in dietary classes 

After finishing your diet, you fall into a series of gluttony. You eat everything that is forbidden, and every binge attack ends with a gigantic sense of guilt. The idea of switching to a diet means that you automatically feel like everything that you consider sinful, caloric, greasy. Every next diet you start by saying goodbye with food. You plan what to eat a week earlier before you start eating only cabbage soup, apples or cottage cheese. 

With each subsequent diet, you are increasingly lacking in physical and mental strength. You have long forgotten the huge motivation you had before the first attempt to lose weight. The time between successive diets begins to shorten. 

You meet your friends less often, because there will be food there. When planning a party, you save calories by eating very little during the day. The result is that in the evening you lose control and scrounge yourself in an uncontrolled way. 

You notice that it’s getting harder and harder to lose weight, even if you’re on a 800 kcal diet. Your body uses every calorie very sparingly, because today you give it 600 kcal, and tomorrow 3000 kcal! Therefore, the body learns to function at a minimum, and the rest is stored in the form of adipose tissue. 

You slowly forget what it means to enjoy your meal. There are two possibilities – you eat prohibited products and have remorse or diet and feel that you are getting tired. 

After a few years of dietary classes, you discover that you have nutritional deficiencies. Colds often get you, hypertension has developed and you no longer feel like moving. 

Sure you are curious, what is the solution to this problem? Rational diet, listening to the body’s needs, respect for hunger and satiety. Yes, it helps! In the first place, however, you should work on changing the approach to eating. You only move forward when you think that food is not and never was your enemy. It’s best to do it under the supervision of an experienced psychologist. After years of misguided thinking, you may need this help. Paradoxically, serial slimming increases the risk of weight gain! 


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Posted on: March 21, 2019

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