Healthy food storage.


The term healthy eating, in addition to proper preparation of meals, also means proper storage of food. The loss of valuable nutritional values and vitamins, to which food products and food are exposed, depends not only on the way we cook, but also on how we store them.

It is worth knowing that improperly stored products are subject to various influences of the external environment, which adversely affect their quality, and hence our health. One of them are biological factors, such as bacteria, fungi or mold, which can cause various diseases. Another are natural factors, including light, heat and moisture, which deprive food of natural properties and chemical factors – through oxidation or fermentation, produce elements that are dangerous for health. That is why it is so important how we care about the contents of our refrigerator and kitchen cabinets.

So how to learn how to store the products and dishes that we should eat as soon as possible? What to do to keep them fresh and do not lose valuable vitamins and nutritional values for the body? How to avoid having to throw them away? Can we enjoy their taste any longer?


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An efficient, healthy and practical method of storing dishes, their ingredients and individual products is a vacuum food storage system, eg VacSy – Zepter. It has been designed in a way that allows you to generate a vacuum in containers. This is possible thanks to a special vacuum pump that removes even the smallest air molecules from inside. Access of oxygen to the container, tightly locks the valve on the lid, which maintains the vacuum by means of a special sealing element.

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VacSy protects products against drying, bacteria, mold and deterioration, providing them with a three to five times longer shelf life. In addition, food packed in this way does not lose its nutritional value and vitamins, preserves its natural color and prevents the penetration of odors. Stored in this way, eg cooked meat stays fresh several times longer, and fruits or vegetables do not lose vitamins and nutritional values for more than a dozen days or even more. It is enough that they are properly closed.



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Let’s also remember that if we learn how to properly store food products, it will bring tangible benefits, not only to our health, but also to our home budget.

Posted on: January 18, 2019

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