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Diet miracles are gone. It is becoming more and more popular to promote healthy eating habits on the way to achieve a slim figure. Healthy nutrition, the right dose of movement and enriching your diet with fat-burning products is an effective strategy to deal with overweight. And fat burners? Well, it’s up to you to decide. 


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1. Cayenne pepper 

Its active substance is capsaicin responsible for the spicy taste. Its consumption increases the thermogenesis of the body, which increases its ability to burn body fat. This spice can be added in a quantity of 1 / 2-1 teaspoon during the day. Other spicy spices, such as chilli peppers, are also thermogenic substances that affect fat burning. 


2. Turmeric, cinnamon, vitamin C 

Turmeric reduces the rate of fat storage in liver cells, supports its metabolism, and also has a slight thermogenic effect. It also contributes to faster regeneration after physical exertion. The effective effect of turmeric is possible when taking 

1 teaspoon per day. Cinnamon allows you to stabilize insulin levels, which reduces the appetite for sweets and wolf-hunger attacks. Vitamin C accelerates metabolism, dissolves fats and accelerates their burning. Its source is vegetables and fruits, therefore they should be an addition to every meal. The most vitamin C is found in paprika, blackcurrants, parsley and citrus. 

3. Green tea, coffee, apple cider vinegar 

A few cups a day of infusion of green tea will help to suppress appetite, speed up metabolism, inhibit the deposition of fat tissue and increase its burning by increasing thermogenesis. It can also inhibit some absorption of fat from the digestive tract. 

Coffee – its active ingredient is caffeine. It has a stimulating effect, which is accompanied by improved exercise capacity. It increases the activity of metabolic pathways, which creates favorable conditions for the burning of adipose tissue. Caffeine is a component of weight loss tablets that is very often used today. 

The caffeine content in coffee varies depending on the species and method of preparation. To achieve the effect, you should drink coffee with a content of 100-150 mg of caffeine (a portion of espresso is about 60-80 mg), preferably in the morning or before the planned effort. In the evening, it’s better to avoid it. 

Apple cider vinegar – its active ingredient is malic acid. It does not contribute directly to fat burning, but it inhibits the absorption of fat from food. However, this should not be misused, because using it in large amounts will result in that with the fat they will not absorb the vitamins contained in it. This can lead to health problems. 


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Posted on: June 26, 2019

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