Hamburger with a test tube


Can you imagine the time when meat will be obtained in vitro? How would you feel eating the cutlet received in the laboratory from meat bred in a test tube? Maybe the idea seems like a sci-fi movie? Then know that by the end of this year Professor Mark Post is about to eat a hamburger from meat grown in the laboratory! 


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For some time, global consumption of meat has increased, while covering the growing demand with conventional methods is difficult, energy-consuming and undesirable in the context of the challenges posed by the need to protect the environment. Currently, about 40 billion livestock are killed each year in the United States alone. What’s more, global meat production is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas production, which is more than in the case of cars, buses and planes taken together! 

The solution to this problem is to be, according to some researchers, meat breeding with the participation of stem cells that are found in the muscles of animals. Under appropriate conditions, these cells can be multiplied, stimulated and received – meat! Yes, advanced works are already underway, and their effect will probably be released this year. 


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Posted on: February 7, 2019

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