Green coffee – why is it worth choosing?


More and more people are struggling with the problem of overweight and obesity, and as a result, more and more new products appear on the market, offering help in getting rid of unwanted body fat and recovering a slim figure. The new, fashionable substance, which helps to fight fat, is green coffee. What is it in its composition that it has such properties? Is it the action of chlorogenic acid contained in green coffee?

Green coffee – why is it worth choosing?

There is much controversy around green coffee. Some say that it helps to lose weight, others say the opposite. The popularity of green coffee began the experiment in a television program conducted by Mehmet Oz, a Turkish doctor. He was involved in a hundred women, half of whom received green coffee for two weeks, the other half a placebo. The first group noted a reduction in body weight, without changing the diet by 1 kg.

Green coffee is nothing but normal coffee beans known to us every day, not subjected to heat treatment. Their processing was completed before the smoking process. They are also not fermented. Therefore, some coffee properties have been preserved because the high temperature did not penetrate the interior. In the US, the green coffee extract was considered a dietary supplement supporting slimming, however, so far research has not confirmed this effect in 100% without side effects.

Ingredients of green coffee – what lacks weight?

The ingredient of green coffee, which is not present in roasted coffee beans, is the chlorogenic acid. It is a commonly occurring compound in plant tissues and it is an antioxidant. Its properties are bactericidal and antiviral. Why is this ingredient suspected of supporting weight loss? Finding yourself in the body, chlorogenic acid reduces the amount of sugar absorbed in the digestive tract.

Therefore, the body is forced to release stocks previously-stored, so that there are no shortages. You should also pay attention to a large amount of caffeine found in the green coffee beans, which gives the effect of strong stimulation. This condition also affects fat burning. The question arises, is it not just caffeine that is responsible for the weight loss process?

The effectiveness of green coffee is not yet fully scientifically proven. It is not known how long the effect is permanent. Pharmacy tablets, containing green coffee, have different opinions. Because it is a diet supplement, without proper nutrition and physical activity, it certainly will not help in the fight against excessive weight.

However, if you decide on capsules containing green coffee, you should pay attention to its amount in the capsule, because it is very important. The effects of losing weight with green coffee will not be visible when there is no proper diet and physical activity. Many forums recommend Green Coffee, but before we reach for it, let’s consider whether we need such a solution.

Posted on: August 22, 2019

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