Great magic of yogurt


Nutrition – Yogurt. He was already known by the inhabitants of the ancient East. He was recognized in those days for the drink of the gods rejuvenating and regenerating the body, healing poisoning … 


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Great magic of yogurt 

He was already known by the inhabitants of the ancient East. He was recognized in those days for the drink of the gods, rejuvenating and regenerating the body, healing poisoning. A real elixir of youth! 

The Caucasus highlanders are an example of the beneficial effects of this milk product. They have been drinking yogurt for centuries and they owe it to great health and famous longevity. Yogurt helps digestion, detoxifies the body, helps with constipation, bloating, stomach acidity, inflammation of the intestines, and even protects against cancer. How is it possible that there is such a great power in a small container of yogurt? 


Instead of milk 

With age, our body loses the ability to digest lactose sugar – lactose, because it reduces the production of decomposing enzyme – lactase. Therefore, adults are easier to absorb yogurt than fresh milk. And both of these products are for us the best source of calcium, the basic building blocks of bones and teeth. If we regularly do not provide the body with the right portion, we are in danger of decalcifying bones and, as a result, osteoporosis. If we want to maintain physical fitness, strong bones and healthy teeth – do not forget about yogurt. 

Calcium absorbed from yogurt has other advantages. Researchers from the University of Tennessee conducted an experiment on people using diet. Half of them followed a standard low-calorie diet, in which the daily dose of calcium is 500 mg. 

The second group within the same calorie limit ate 3 portions of light yogurt, which increased the amount of calcium to 1100 mg per day. After 12 weeks of treatment, it turned out that people who ate yogurt lost 22% more weight! 


Beneficial bacteria 

In addition to calcium, yogurt provides us with wholesome protein, phosphorus, vitamin A, B vitamins. However, what determines its true value are bacteria. They balance the intestinal microflora. This balance is easily disturbed. It’s enough to have the wrong diet, stress, intestinal diseases, the need to take antibiotics – and the trouble is ready. When beneficial bacteria do not work in the gastrointestinal tract, the body can not properly digest and absorb food; harmful microorganisms and fungi develop in the intestines, which additionally weaken immunity. 

It takes several weeks to restore the proper composition of the microflora. A regular yogurt will protect us against these disorders and maintain the body’s immunity. 


New generation 

Normal yogurts contain bacteria that stay in the gut for a short time. Recently, however, so-called organic yoghurts. We find in them specially bred bacteria of the species Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium, which for a long time can stay in the human digestive tract. Thanks to this, they have a positive effect on our health. However, there are no miracles. The condition for good results is regular eating of properly selected yogurts with a large amount of bacteria. 

Nutritionists recommend that every day you eat at least 200 g of yoghurt, which supplies 100 million bacteria. On the medicine For the western world, yogurt was discovered by the Nobel Prize laureate, biologist Ilia Mechnikov (1845 – 1916). He claimed that man is aging and losing immunity, because the body is gradually poisoned by harmful bacteria developing in the gastrointestinal tract. In 1906, the first yogurts were produced in France according to its recipe. They were then sold like medicines in pharmacies. 


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Posted on: March 1, 2019

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