Five reasons to eat buckwheat


Buckwheat is certainly not one of the most-liked starchy products and has relatively few enthusiasts, even among people who lead a healthy lifestyle, which is a pity. Buckwheat has a number of qualities that make it worth including in the diet, especially that dishes prepared with her participation can be really tasty. It is worth to overcome the reluctance raised from childhood and treat yourself even though an occasional culinary experiment. There are at least five good reasons to make buckwheat a permanent element of the menu. 


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Buckwheat stands out against the background of other food products with a remarkably high magnesium content. In the raw state, it delivers more than 210mg of this element per 100g, which allows to satisfy half of the daily requirement. In this respect it is twice as good as brown rice and almost four times – from wholemeal bread. Including buckwheat diet to meet the daily requirement for magnesium is a trifle. 


Gluten is quite a controversial and at the same time ubiquitous component of the diet. There are reasons to believe that excluding him from the diet should not only people who are allergic to him and suffering from celiac disease, but also everyone struggling with autoimmune diseases. The concept of a paleolithic diet suggests a complete exclusion of gluten from the diet even for healthy people, indicating that this ingredient may also lead to impaired intestinal permeability in such cases. The lack of gluten in buckwheat is therefore a potential advantage that can be taken into account. 

Buckwheat on the background of other starchy products is distinguished by a relatively high protein content with a quite decent amino acid profile (as for vegetable proteins). The protein content here is about twice as high as in brown bread and brown rice, and buckwheat is also superior to pasta and oatmeal in this respect. The amino acid profile of buckwheat protein is better than cereal and potato products, it also surpasses a significant part of leguminous vegetables in this respect 


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Posted on: January 31, 2019

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