Five curiosities about rice


Have you ever wondered why rice is the most frequent component of meals for physically active people, not macaroni or cereal?

Looking at examples of diets of well-known athletes, especially bodybuilders, it is easy to see that rice is the main source of carbohydrates. It turns out that this is neither accidental nor marketing – it is not about unjustified prejudices. Rice has many advantages, which check that compared to many other cereal products simply falls out more favorably. 


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Scientific research indicates that rice is a digestible and well-tolerated carbohydrate source by most people

While the consumption of larger amounts of wheat, rye, barley and even oat products is often accompanied by flatulence, gases, sometimes even diarrhea, in the case of rice, these problems appear very rarely. Athletes who, due to increased energy expenditure consume larger amounts of food, especially appreciate the advantage of rice and eat it more willingly than pasta, bread and cereal. 

One hundred gram bag of brown rice provides 77g of carbohydrates, including 8g of fiber; as well as 7g protein and 2g fat (energy value 320kcal). In addition, eating a bag of rice allows you to satisfy about 25 – 30% of the need for magnesium, 20% of the need for vitamin B2, 15% of demand for zinc, providing on the occasion of a certain dose of vitamin B1, niacin, vitamin E, calcium, copper, iron, potassium and a large amount of manganese and selenium. Therefore, rice can be a fairly valuable element of a healthy diet also due to the presence of non-energy components.


Contrary to popular belief, not only brown rice, but also white rice can be included in your diet, both products have their own advantages. Brown rice has more fiber, minerals such as magnesium or selenium and a slightly higher content of B vitamins, while white rice is less digestible and free of phytic acid – a compound that inhibits the absorption of selected elements (especially calcium, zinc, magnesium and iron) . The alleged disadvantage of white rice is the higher glycemic index, but scientific research suggests that the IG index is not a valuable way of assessing the quality of food. 

A portion of rice on milk with fruit (eg banana) will be great as a fast post-workout meal for athletes and people with intense exercise. This dish can easily replace a portion of carbohydrate or carbohydrate-protein nutrient, providing a solid dose of easily digestible carbohydrates, high-value protein (dairy and rice proteins form a complementary protein), easily digestible fat (including MCT acids from milk), essential electrolytes (sodium and potassium) and vitamins


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Posted on: March 28, 2019

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