Fight the feeling of hunger by eating carbohydrates for dinner


The results of the experimental diet leave no doubt that limiting the consumption of carbohydrates until the time of supper brings benefits to health and figure.

Nutrition influences the secretion of hormones responsible for the feeling of hunger and satiety as well as hormones associated with the development of the so-called metabolic syndrome. That’s why an appropriate diet promotes the achievement of normal body weight and prevention of heart disease and diabetes.


Researchers from the Hebrew Universt of Jerusalem examined the impact of an experimental diet on the level of three leptin hormones (called the satiety hormone, its level is usually low during the day and elevated at night), ghrelin (called the hunger hormone, its level during the day is usually high and reduced at night) and adiponectin associated with the development of obesity, resistance to insulin and metabolic syndrome (its level in obese people is low).

The inspiration for the study was the way Muslims were fed during Ramadan, when they refused to eat all day long, eating rich, carbohydrate-rich meals in the evening.

78 people participated in the study, divided into two control groups – eating carbohydrates throughout the day and examined, in which an experimental diet was used, consisting in limiting the supply of carbohydrates only to the time of supper. The study lasted for 6 months.


The results of the experimental diet caused changes in the secretion of hormones. Leptin levels increased during the day and its lowest level was recorded in the late afternoon. The level of ghrelin fell during the day, increasing and reaching the highest level in the evening. Adiponectin levels also increased. What’s more, this way of feeding caused a number of other beneficial changes less hunger, weight loss and waist circumference, decrease in fat content in the body, decrease in blood sugar and lipids level, reduction of inflammation.


These results unquestionably prove that limiting the consumption of carbohydrates to the time of supper brings benefits. Such a way of feeding may prove to be the only effective way to lose weight for those who are unable to use other types of diet due to unstoppable hunger pangs.


Source S. Sofer, A. Eliraz, S. Kaplan, H. Voet, G. Fink, T. Kim, Z. Madar. Changes in the daily leptin, ghrelin and adiponectin, followed by diet with carbohydrates. Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases, 2012; DOI 10.1016 / j.numecd.2012.04.008

Sigal Sofer, Abraham Eliraz, Sara Kaplan, Hillary Voet, Gershon Fink, Tzadok Kim, Zecharia Madar. Greater Weight Loss and Hormonal Changes After 6 Months Diet With Carbohydrates Eaten Mostly at Dinner. Obesity, 2011; 19 (10) 2006 DOI 10.1038 / May 2011.48

Posted on: November 5, 2018

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