FBW training plan for reduction


FBW training, or Full Body Workout, is very popular in the gyms. This is a very good method for beginners, but even intermediate and advanced people will feel the benefits of using it. Thanks to its character, it works well in the mass as well as in the reduction period. Below we present the FBW training plan for reduction.



FBW – training rules


The idea of FBW training is clear – during one session we train all muscle parts, starting with the largest ones and ending with the smaller ones. The multi-joint exercises are to dominate the training plan and due to their advantages, properly work on the muscles. Such exercises include

– they stimulate the nervous system

– strongly stimulate muscles to expand

they burn a lot of calories



In addition, FBW training for sculpture should have the following principles

  1. The correctness of performing techniques is a priority


  1. The plan should be based on multi-joint exercises


  1. Isolated exercises can be used in the case of muscular corset fatigue, in order to warm up muscles and for the purpose of final muscle hyperemia


  1. 1-2 exercises should be selected for large batches, and 1 exercise for small muscle groups


  1. Muscles should be trained successively from the largest muscle parts to the smallest


  1. After each day of training, a day off should be used (advanced people can train the system with 2 training days / 1 day off, doing 4 to 5 trainings a week)


  1. Beginners should exercise from 2 to 3 workouts a week


  1. During all training, all muscle groups should be overtrained


  1. number of series in one exercise should be from 3 (in beginners) to 5 (in advanced)


  1. The length of breaks between series should be about 30-45 seconds


  1. Advanced people can perform FBW training in the form of a circuit, changing the series into stations


  1. After strength training, advanced people should perform cardio training


  1. Beginners should perform cardio training on days off from strength training


  1. Appropriate diet and supplementation will maximize the effects during the reduction cycle


Differences between training on reductions for beginners and advanced

  1. Beginners should use one exercise for each muscle / advanced group should use two large exercises and one exercise for small muscle groups.


  1. Beginners should adhere to the recommended length of breaks between series / advanced people can manipulate them.


  1. The number of repetitions in a series in beginners should vary from 12 to 15 reps / advanced persons should use from 12 to 20 repetitions in a series or series to be converted into stations.


  1. Beginners should not perform forced repetitions / advanced people can perform forced repetitions and other diversions in training.
Posted on: November 22, 2018

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