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We have already said that physiology is the path to perfection. One of the methods of influencing physiology is the change in the way of using the muscular system – you can change the posture of the body, facial expression and breathing. Everything about this book also depends on the proper biochemical functioning of the human body. We assume here that you take care of your body and cleanse it of harmful substances, that you do not cheat on it and do not poison it. 

In this chapter, we will look at the foundations of your physiology – what you eat and drink and how you breathe. 

I call energy the fuel of perfection. You can change internal images even all day long, but if the biochemical state of the organism is disturbed, the brain will still create falsified images anyway. The whole system will be violated. In truth, there is little probability that a person could use what he learned in such a state. You can have the world’s most beautiful racing car, but if there is beer in the tank, we will not get anywhere. You can have a great car, and great fuel, but if the spark plugs do not work, you will not win any race. I want to give you a few comments about energy and how to use it most effectively. The more energy you have, the more efficient your body is. And the more efficient it is, the better you feel and use your talent more fully to achieve great results. 


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I have personally found out how important energy is and what effects can be caused by its excess. Before that I weighed 120 kilograms. Now I weigh 108. Before, I was not looking too eagerly for ways to organize my life. My physiology did not help me achieve good results. What I was learning, what I was doing and what I was creating was secondary to what I could eat and watch on television. But one day I came to the conclusion that I was tired of this way of life, and began to study methods of achieving great results. Soon I started imitating people who have consistently achieved such results. 

In the field of knowledge about improving physical condition, there was chaos and swarming with contradictions. I did not know where to start. I read one book in which I was told to do this, this and that, and I will live forever. So I did all this with great zeal … until I read the next book, from which I learned that if I do all these things, I will die soon, and so I have to do this and that. Of course, the third book I read contradicted the first two. All the authors had doctoral degrees, and yet they disagreed with each other even in basic matters. 

I was not looking for certainties. I only wanted to achieve my goal. So I found people who managed to achieve excellent physical condition, healthy and resilient people. I watched what they were doing, and I did the same. I combined everything I learned into a single set of rules and patterns and put together a two-month program of a healthy life. I followed these rules every day and after a month I lost 12 kilograms. More importantly, I finally found a way of life, free from irritation, tiring restrictions and diet regime – a method that did not violate the way my body functions. 

I will present the principles I have been guiding over the past five years. But before that I will give an example of how my physiology has changed thanks to them. 

I usually needed eight hours of sleep. I had to have three alarm clocks not to fall asleep in the morning – one called, the other turned on the radio, and the third turned on the light. Now I can run seminars until late in the evening, go to bed at one or two o’clock in the morning and wake up after five or six hours of sleep, crisp, fresh and full of energy.

If the blood flowing in my veins was contaminated, and the energy level low, I would try to take the most limiting and overwhelming physiology. Instead, I start the day with physiology that allows me to mobilize all my physical and mental means.

In this chapter, I give you six conditions for shaping a strong physiology that is unaffected by any negative influences. Much of the information will certainly contradict what you have believed so far, with your opinion about good health. But these six principles have worked perfectly in my life and the people with whom I have worked, as well as in the lives of thousands of other people who practice the science of health called natural hygiene. 

I would like you to think honestly about whether they can be useful for you and whether your current health habits are the best way to look after your body. Use all six rules for 10-30 days and rate them rather after the results they cause in your body, not according to your beliefs. Get to know the work of your body, respect it, take care of it and it will take care of you. You learned how to manage your own brain. Now is the time to become familiar with the methods of managing your own body.


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Posted on: February 20, 2019

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