Fasting as a way to lose weight? Not necessarily!


It’s impossible to hide that the topic of fasting is on the top today.According to some, it is an ideal way to lose weight, improve health and cleanse the body of toxins.On the opposite pole are those who consider hunger as unnecessary, ineffective and dangerous to health.Which site is right?

Why so much noise?

All athletes, actresses, celebrities recommend today.Some of them even publish books about it.Fasting is popular mainly among those who did not find support in traditional healing methods.They turned out to be ineffective or unpleasant.

Interestingly enough, rigorous fasting is also recommended by people with medical education or those who create it.It is not surprising, therefore, that the popularity of hunger strikes is increasing.

Do you lose weight using hunger?

Yes.The total cutoff of an organism from the supply of energy from food must be associated with a depletion of reserves.Unfortunately, they will not be just fat reserves, which we would like to.In case of high stress caused by fasting, the body will start to draw energy not only from triglycerides, but also from proteins.This means that we will lose not only the bacon but also the muscular mass, and it is she who is responsible for the slender figure.

It must be clearly emphasized that hunger is not a way to lose weight. Losing weight does not always have to be the effect we care about.Rational weight loss is not only about loosing kilograms, but also strengthening muscles.Their behavior is necessary to look good.We are more impressed with the silhouette of a sprinter than a marathon runner, although objectively speaking the latter is slimmer.

Appetite Reducer

Negative effects of hunger strike

However, this is not the end of the reasons why you should give up long-lasting hunger strikes.The most important of these are health issues.Strict hunger strikes may be the cause of hormonal disorders, slowing down metabolism and mental problems.It has been proven that giving up food can cause depression and anxiety.Other health consequences are also very common, .in.fainting, falling hair, weakening nails etc. Unfortunately, they are not, as hungry supporters would like, signals that the body is cleansed of toxins.It is a sign that something very bad is happening to the body.

Mythical cleansing of the body

The last point – cleansing the body of toxins.This argument is often raised in discussions about the effectiveness and legitimacy of hunger strike.According to the supporters, not eating foods cleanse the intestines, and these have a huge impact on the body’s work, including our well-being.While the influence of bacterial flora is unquestionable, the same relationship between fasting and detoxification – doubtful.

It is worth knowing that our body perfectly cleans itself.His liver and kidneys help him.Our role is to provide it with the best working conditions, that is, provide all the necessary nutrients and not provide those harmful.

What alternative for a hunger strike?

Is every hunger strike angry? Not necessarily.Short-lived fasting, so-callednutritional windows, as in the case of the Intermittent Fasting diet, can bring real benefits to people with a strong will.At the same time, you must be aware that there are other, some ways to lose weight.Bet on a balanced diet prepared by a dietitian and on physical exercises tailored to your needs and abilities.This recipe for slimming safe, rational and pleasant.Hundreds of scientific studies stand behind it, which will protect you against unpleasant consequences that can happen to you during hunger strikes.


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Posted on: December 11, 2018

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