Facts and myths about weight loss


Many people in our society suffer from overweight and problems with excessive fat in the body.This problem is becoming more frequent and can cause that our body’s work will begin to disturb.Obesity and overweight can lead to the development of many chronic diseases that threaten not only our health but also our lives.So you have to remember to know how to lose weight.However, many myths have been created about weight loss, which is why we often make mistakes and fat burning is not effective. So what are the biggest myths about weight loss?

Fewer meals are the way to slim down your figure

Many people say that if we start to consume smaller amounts of meals during the day, we will lose weight more quickly.However, this is one of the most frequently duplicated myths about weight loss.You must remember that during the day you should eat at least five meals a day.The first meal should be served two hours after waking up.The fewer meals we eat the worse for our body.When the amount of meals decreases, the body will accumulate more fat and carbohydrates to have energy reserves in case there is no source or meal. By doing this, instead of burning body fat, let’s make it even more.

Instead, it’s a good idea to reduce our meals, but still eat them regularly and preferably to have five to six meals during the day.

The fruit supports slimming

There are many people who reach for fruit during a slimming diet, because they believe that their consumption will accelerate the burning of body fat. Unfortunately, this is not true.And, although the fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals, they also contain a lot of natural sugar, fructose, which can contribute to weight gain.This, however, does not mean that during the diet you should give up eating fruit.They are health and you have to remember that.However, in excess, they can have a negative effect on the fat burning process.


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During the diet you have to give up eating potatoes

On the internet a myth about potatoes appeared a few years ago.He says that they are fattening and they contribute to weight gain.However, this is not true.Potatoes have many nutrients that are essential for our health.It is worth to reach for them, even during a slimming diet.However, it must be remembered that eating them in too large amounts can actually slow down metabolism and contribute to weight gain.However, it is almost with everything.Eating something in excess does not have a beneficial effect on our health.

Alcohol supports slimming

This is not true. Alcohol can contribute to weight gain, because it not only slows metabolism, but also contains a lot of sugar, so its consumption is not recommended during a slimming diet. A clear wine in one glass has 230 calories, and red wine has 115 calories.So it is not worth believing in this often duplicated myth about alcohol and its slimming effect.


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Posted on: December 11, 2018

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