Exercises with spherical dumbbells (kettlebells) – does it work?


If you think that modern instruments and training programs must cost a fortune and you certainly can not afford it, you are wrong. First of all, in fitness clubs you have a lot to choose from, which are run with the use of specialized equipment, such as rubber or dumbbells. Secondly, all you have to do is have a pair of dumbbells and kettlebells at home to do a valuable strength training. 

Exercises with dumbbells that you will do at home. You will strengthen your hands, slim your legs and firm your buttocks 


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What are spherical dumbbells, i.e. kettle? 

Dumbbells – kettlebells – are valued above all for their high efficiency, simplicity and functionality. They look similar to a bullet with a handle. They can weigh from a few to even several dozen kilograms. Thanks to this, both women who want to slim their body and men who want to improve the sculpture and muscle strength can use them. 


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Contrary to appearances, spherical dumbbells are extremely well-thought-out exercise equipment. Due to the fact that the center of gravity of the dumbbell is below the handle, we have the opportunity to carry out an effective workout consisting of the body parts and quick torso curves. This form of movement engages all the most important muscle groups to work. Another advantage is the fact that exercises with dumbbells do not isolate individual muscles. 

Exercises with kettles allow the development of whole muscle groups, so that there is no risk of excessive development of the volume of specific muscles, which is very much afraid of women. Exercises with dumbbells increase strength and flexibility, which in turn allows you to slim your silhouette. 


Rules for doing exercises 

If you are interested in this form of exercise and want to buy kettlebells, you need to know a few rules. Remember that exercises with too much load will make the movement incomplete. In addition, you will get strained tendons in a short time, which is not pleasant. However, if you choose too light load, the training efficiency will be reduced. Therefore, when choosing a dumbbell, let’s check which ones are most suitable for you. It is better to buy a bit lighter at first to get fit and after a while to go to a heavier model than to get discouraged from too hard training at the very beginning. 


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Posted on: March 27, 2019

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