Energy drinks or canned chemistry


They are tasty, comfortable and above all stimulate to action. Energy drinks – because we are talking about them here – are very popular among Poles. Drivers and shift workers are particularly fond of them, as well as managers and people in managerial positions. Energy drinks are also very popular – attention – among young people and children. Not only students, but also high school students, junior high school students or elementary school students drink themselves caffeine-free drinks! Interestingly enough, hardly anyone wonders about the negative consequences of regular energy consumption. 


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I remember a customer with a significant excess of fat getting to me last year. During an initial conversation about eating habits, it turned out that from conventional food it provides only about 1,000 – 1,500 kcal per day. This supply of energy can not be the cause of overweight and obesity, so it was obvious that this man, a large dose of calories consumed on a daily basis, simply skips in our conversation. When we came to the issue of drinking liquids, it turned out that the customer’s favorite drink is energy drinks, in the warmer days he drank them – a trifle – up to three liters a day! 

To illustrate what this practically meant for the human body, I would like to mention that 100ml of the popular energy industry provides 12g of sugar (3 teaspoons), or less than 50kcal and 32mg of caffeine. As it is easy to calculate, in three liters of drink we have 360g sugar (one and a half glasses) or 1500kcal and – note – 960mg of caffeine (one coffee is about 60 – 100mg of this alkaloid). Interestingly, my client did not see anything wrong with it, and he could not believe that any drink could contribute to weight problems! Unfortunately, a lot of people like the same sentence


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Posted on: February 8, 2019

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