Does drinking beer interfere with weight loss?


There are many different theories about the influence of drinking beer on the body. You can meet with the view that symbolic doses of this drink can thwart the weight loss process.


On the other hand, there are also voices that moderate alcohol consumption positively affects metabolic health. Due to the fact that total abstinence is a rare phenomenon, especially in the case of beer, it is worth answering the question how this drink affects the body mass and composition. 


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I do not think anyone doubts that the overzealousness in consuming beverages is a factor that impresses its mark on health, both physical and psychological. In addition, after a long time it can lead to the development of addiction.

This problem is also not overlooked by physically active people and even by athletes.


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Therefore, it is necessary to be careful about the consumption of alcohol, including beer, which is also a source of ethanol and has all its disadvantages.

However, does this mean that the only reasonable solution is total abstinence? There is a large amount of research showing that a reasonable dosage of alcoholic pleasure is not harmful to health, and even – can bring some benefits, such as reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Regarding the effect on the figure, however, the problem is more complex. 


Posted on: January 29, 2019

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