Do you want to start doing aerobic 6 Weider?


 6 Weider is a set of exercises for the abdominal muscles

It is a combination of 6 exercises that have been designed to strengthen and carve all abdominal muscle groups. Thanks to it, you will be able to enjoy the sculpted and flat belly. The basis of 6 Weider’s aerobic training is regularity and accuracy. In our text you will find information on the topic 


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What effects does 6 Weider give you? 

6 Weider is a set of 6 exercises that strengthens the muscles and helps to get rid of even a few centimeters at the waist. This professionally developed workout perfectly shapes all abdominal muscles. Thanks to the aerobic 6 Weider, you can simultaneously burn fat and build your abdominal muscles. 

The creator of this method is Canadian Josef E. Weider – founder of the IFBB international federation and the originator of bodybuilding competitions.  


Exercises with aerobic 6 Weider 

Aerobic 6 Weider is 6 exercises that are performed in series, gradually increasing the number of repetitions. It should be performed reliably, accurately and without interruptions. Before training, it is worth remembering about a 15-20 minute warm-up. Exercises should be performed systematically and without a long break to relax the abdominal muscles. The most important is the moment when muscle tension reaches its maximum – then you should stop in a given position for a few seconds. 

Exercise 6 Weider perform slowly and thoroughly, fully engaging all parts of the abdominal muscles. It is worth focusing on the correct exercise, because only in this way you can get any results. Below in the text you will find the plan 6 of Weider. If this is not enough for you, then look at YouTube, there are many videos that will help you to train properly. 


Weider’s plan 6 – exercise schedule 

Are you wondering how many times do you do this workout? The Weider 6 schedule includes 42 training days. During this time, you do 1 workout, which includes 6 exercises. Every day the number of repetitions and the number of series increases. At the beginning you have to do 1 series and 6 repetitions of each exercise, and on the last day they are up to 3 sets and 24 repetitions of each exercise. It’s easy to calculate, on the last day you have to do about 430 crunches. No wonder that 6 Weider is considered the most effective training plan for the abdominal muscles. 

How to make 6 Weider? 

See the video on which the trainer shows instructions on how to train! It’s definitely better than reading a description of A6W performance. 

If you want to see what effects 6 Weider gives you day after day, look for photos on the internet. You will easily find documentation that will allow you to see how the body changes during exercise, whether it works on the sides, whether it supports slimming and whether it is possible to get a radiator after the A6W is completed. 

ATTENTION! 6 Weider is a very popular training plan, but many people who start it do not know that they are getting into deep water. And despite many flattering opinions, there are several contraindications to doing these exercises. Those who have problems with the cervical or lumbar section of the spine should refuse them. 

You also need to know that it is best to exercise your abdominal muscles every other day. So you should ask yourself, is it really worth spending so much? 


What are the most common mistakes made in 6 Weider? 

 1. The back does not stick to the ground 

Regardless of whether you are exercising on a mat or on a carpet, remember that the lumbar section should definitely touch the ground. When you feel that there is a gap between the loins and the floor – work on the technique! You probably do not practice the abdominal muscles, but you strain your spine while doing Weider’s 6. In the best case you will not see the effects – because your abdominal muscles do not work, in the worst – you will get painful problems with the spine. 

Our advice spread your back muscles, teach them to stick to the ground. When lying on your back, bend your legs in your knees so that they touch the alloy to the ground. Slowly straighten your leg by sliding your foot across the floor so that the lumbar section touches the ground.


2. Excessively tug at the neck 

The neck muscles suffer a lot when we jerk our head to the front. When performing abdominal exercises, not only those of the aerobic 6 Weider, but also classic crunches or abdomen, often instead of raising your head, we tear it with our hands. During the aerobic exercise 6 Weider’s head should not wander towards the navel, but the eyes are directed upwards, tearing the shoulders and supporting the head slightly. 


3. You start the program as a novice in the field of exercises 

If the only form of physical activity in which you specialize and which you actively do is climb the stairs to the bus, do not count on completing the 6 Weider aerobic program. Even if the exercises do not make you more difficult at the beginning, you’ll end up at a point where you can not go any further. Weak muscles of the whole body (not just the abdomen) and the body not used to exercise will eventually give up. Aerobic 6 Weider is not a program for novices – only when sport becomes a fixed element of your day plan, you can think of a several-week cycle of abdominal muscles. 

Remember! Aerobic 6 Weider does not burn fat accumulated on the stomach. The effects after completing the plan will be seen only by those who do not have excessively abdominal abs, but want to carve it. 


4. You do the exercises with care 

Aerobic 6 Weider consists of 6 exercises, their technique is quite simple. In the following days, the number of series and repetitions of each exercise increases. For each repetition, you should allocate 3 seconds – that’s why you need to stretch your abdominal muscles for that time. If you do not follow this rule, you can not wait for the promised six-pack. 

Our advice If during the exercises it is difficult to estimate if you are sure you measure the seconds well, use the appropriate application. If you have a smartphone, install an application in which the voice will count the seconds for you. It really makes exercises easier! 


5. You expect effects too quickly 

It is not without a reason that the 6 Weider aerobic lasts up to 6 or 7 weeks. Many people watch their abdominal muscles every day after a series of exercises observing the electrifying effects … it does not work that way! After the first, and often also after the second week of exercise, you will not notice any changes. Well, maybe except for a slight hardening of the stomach in the place where you expect a radiator. Do not give up! If you take care of the exercise technique and do it systematically, after completing the program you will surely notice the results! 


6. You do free from exercising 

The whole program only makes sense when you exercise every day. In another version of the training, one day a week for muscle regeneration is assumed, so that the plan is extended to 7 weeks. Remember, however, that other excuses are unacceptable – ordinary crunches or even the exercises provided in the Weider 6 aerobic program, you can perform as you like, but do not call it an aerobic 6 Weider. 

In addition, remember that the 6 Weider aerobic should not be performed by people who have back problems. Exercise may exacerbate complaints and lead to serious injuries! 


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Posted on: April 8, 2019

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