Do you need supplementation?


Training man, diet plan – what is missing? Supplements! It is irrelevant for what, no matter what – for some more important than regular training and a balanced diet. What is it all about?

At the very beginning I must say that I do not mind the supplements. On the contrary, I am their total supporter. In order not to be groundless, I pay attention to the arguments in the light of which supplementation turns out to be simply indispensable. It allows you to supplement the demand for certain components of the diet, eliminate nutritional deficiencies and has an extremely beneficial effect on health. This applies to both physically active people and people who do not engage in any sport. However, I would like to draw attention to some kind of fashion for supplements, and especially for people who follow this fashion blindly.

The same suple is not enough
Analyzing the motives of such a person’s behavior, one can easily guess at what benefits of supplementation it depends on. First of all, it’s about showing yourself as an active and motivated person for training (nothing influences your dream image like a photo with a fashionable, colorful shaker filled to the brim with sports nutrition with an undefined effect). This type of fashionable supplementation brings a kind of awareness of being active and the possibility of creating an active attitude of a professional (I use supplements – I am an athlete, I will take a measure – in the eyes of others I become a professional). What’s more, behind the supplementation is the conviction that it is thanks to it that the goals and satisfying results are achieved.

Where is the place for training? What about proper diet and rational nutrition? Supplementation alone is not enough – unfortunately, in the opposite opinion lies the majority of online fit fans and fans of supplements, and so-called. regular gym or fitness club members for just a few weeks …

The psychological aspect of supplementation
The use of supplements is, to a degree, a psychological element, especially when they are deliberately used, but without any specific training purpose. Let’s pay attention to the proper purpose of the supplements. The supplement is a supplement to the nutrition plan with elements that can not be delivered from food – we reach for them when the deficiencies should be supplemented. We define our goal, choose the best form of a given supplement, adjust the appropriate dosage – all in order to best support your body. That’s how it should look.
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And how often does it look like? Regardless of whether we need a given supplement or not – we follow the advertising slogans blindly believing in them. We buy what reaches us through advertising in the dark and we expect 100% results, hoping that thanks to the supplements we will achieve the desired effect with minimal effort, and best if you do not have to try at all. We will of course be responsible for our failures to the dishonest producer. This approach is very common.

Conscious supplementation
Nutrients are useful, but their use alone will not help. Supplementation is a maximum of 15-20% success in sports. Supplements are support and for this support to be able to bring, a specific job is needed. I use a lot of supplements myself and I say it’s loud. However, every supplement that accepts which goes to my body has its specific purpose and is used by me consciously. Everyone for a specific purpose. If you can not in one sentence, without thinking too long, explain why you use a supplement, in my opinion you should not use it.
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Moderation above everything
You must know that more does not mean better. It is not worth falling in the extreme. Too much of the supplements will not bring you anything good, and sometimes it can harm you. Then we change the way we act, we become hardened opponents and we completely give up supplements, exposing ourselves to unfavorable shortages.
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The summary will be simple but revealing the heart of the matter. The most important thing is above all moderation and reason (of course this healthy one). See you in training!

Posted on: October 11, 2019

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