Digestive problems


Digestive problems at a time when processed foods are found everywhere are every day. However, it is only the tip of the iceberg – stress, constant rush, habit to sweets and salty snacks and a sedentary lifestyle also contribute to the deterioration of the functionality of our digestive system. In this text, we present a few simple and natural ways to improve the condition of our digestive tract.

Change in eating habits

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The easiest way to improve our digestion is to break with existing habits and implement completely new rules for our food. First of all, it’s important to rely on healthy and unprocessed products. Fresh and good quality food products have a significant amount of health-promoting ingredients, including those that do not burden our digestive system. What’s more, some of them very effectively intensify digestive processes, so very often starting a diet can turn out to be a golden mean for our problems.

Speaking of particulars, it is worth including probiotics in our menu. Yogurts or kefirs not only effectively affect the condition of the digestive tract, where they effectively prevent an acid reaction, but also very well affect our natural bacterial flora. It is also worth giving up fried dishes that have a strong load on the digestive system. The bread can also be put aside at the expense of rice wafers or increased consumption of salads. In the context of vegetables – they have a lot of fiber, so remember to use them in every meal and a large amount, because they are not caloric.

You can not forget about fruits. In addition to a large amount of antioxidants and vitamin C, which is very often used in the slimming process, they also have many other and valuable ingredients. An example may be bromelin, which is present in pineapples and trusses. It is an extremely effective enzyme that facilitates the digestion of proteins. Fruit, like vegetables, has significant amounts of fiber. In this case, first of all, apples and plums should be mentioned.

In the case of the latter – it is also worth using them from time to time in a dried form or the form of dried fruit with the addition of other fruits – like blueberries, cherries, raspberries or cherries.

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Of course, in practice, it is not always so colorful. Very often, a change in nutrition may not be a sufficient way to improve digestion. The reason is even quick and inaccurate meal intake. Remember to thoroughly chew each, even a small bite and find enough time to eat peacefully.

In a hurry, we often swallow more pieces of food, as a result of which too large and inadequately prepared fragments of our food get into the stomach. This, on the other hand, results in hindering and significantly prolonging the digestive processes due to the excessive size and too persistent consistency of the food.

It is also worth remembering to focus on food. A TV set, a computer, a cell phone or even a daily press will effectively disperse and even cause that during eating we will forget about it and go into mindless pushing. It will be much better to sit back and enjoy each subsequent portion of our dish.

Do not forget about traffic

The legendary Wiktor Dega has already mentioned that the movement can replace almost every medicine, but all drugs taken together will never replace movement. It’s hard to disagree with this timeless quote. Physical effort leads to several changes in individual systems of our body, which results in faster work of our metabolism. Including pickling. The sandwich-television lifestyle effectively favors limiting the functionality of the digestive system. Nobody, however, says to immediately take a marathon or practice with the intensity of the Olympians.

However, short and intense training should help us to settle all anomalies. A walk, low-stress running or crossing several lengths of the pool should help to increase the production of gastric juice and improve the digestion of residual food leftovers. Thanks to this, we will gain an extra seat for the next meal, and our energized organism will pass to its decomposition with greater intensity.

Top up liquids

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A common view regarding the consumption of at least 1.5 liters of water per day is the right thing to do. Water is the best and most effective remedy for cleansing our body, including the digestive system. What’s more, it additionally softens the food, which significantly affects the structure of the meal. It is also worth remembering that carbonated water can cause a bloating and an unpleasant feeling of residual food. It is the gas effect that fills our stomach and at the same time reduces the space for food.

However, not only water brings beneficial effects. Warm tea has always been an inseparable element of most meals. Thermal stimuli will not only alleviate pain by lowering the tension of the stomach muscles but will also contribute to the additional increase in the production of gastric juice. Tannin is also used to inhibit diarrhea and relieve symptoms of food poisoning.

Use spices

Healthy food is very often associated with a slight taste and lack of aroma. However, it is worth asking why, if we are preparing them? There can be many reasons – fear of eating a meal, saving money, laziness or pure ignorance of the topic. Regardless, it’s worth using spices!

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Most of them are a very simple way to stimulate the stomach to increase the digestive production of juice. Others will lead to increased secretion of bile from the liver, which will certainly be helpful after eating a fatty meal. Some of them are responsible only for the increase in the production of saliva, which starts the process of food decomposition. The next part of spices will lead to the alleviation of muscle tension in the digestive system or will effectively eliminate bloating or accelerate the metabolism.

To spice up your kitchen and improve the functioning of the stomach and intestines should be stocked with such spices as anise, basil, chili, curry, cinnamon, savory, tarragon, ginger, caraway, coriander, fennel, cumin, oregano, black pepper, parsley or thyme.

Use the herbs
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Herbs, like spices, can be reluctantly used in the flood of excessive amounts of fast-acting drugs and miracle supplements. We often forget that natural methods are not only the most effective but also the least aggravating for our health. It is worth reminding that each swallowed tablet leads to a slow and gradual deterioration of the digestive system, which over time can lead to more serious consequences.

Herbal medicine or natural medicine consists in using the properties of commonly available and the most popular plant varieties. The most commonly used products are warm infusions or tinctures based on herbal products.

So let’s pay attention to whether the following names are in our first-aid kit

– hops – not only stimulates the appetite but also increases the amount of gastric juice secretion;

– wild rose – effectively relieves symptoms caused by excessive acidosis and reduced pH;

– artichoke – a very good remedy for lowering cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, as well as a strong antioxidant;

– melissa – has a calming and relaxing effect, also for intestinal musculature;

– peppermint – one of the most popular antidotes for gastric problems, significantly improves the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract and shows carminative character;

– dandelion – is an effective way to detoxify our system and stimulate liver function;

– milk thistle – known for its beneficial effects on the stomach after states of excessive overeating and poisoning, as well as the liver after excessive consumption of alcohol;

– chamomile – just like lemon balm, it relaxes the digestive system, and also eliminates fermentation reactions occurring among undigested food leftovers in the intestines;

– medical verbena – shows a strong choleretic character;

 What else is worth trying?

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The above-mentioned methods are the most frequently chosen methods for improving the functioning of our digestive system. However, that’s not all. In addition to these, there are other less-known but equally effective options to improve the digestive process. An example may be the previously mentioned thermal stimulus. The use of warm compresses on the stomach in the form of warm towels or a hot water bottle will help in the relaxation of the excessive tension of the stomach and intestines, and also very well copes with pain.

Apple vinegar is equally good. A large amount of minerals and pectins in the composition of this product allows for a very good functioning of our digestive tract. In addition to the stimulation of intestinal peristalsis, it is a very good means to enhance the production of the gastric juice already mentioned more often.

Persons resistant to eating fruit and vegetables can take advantage of ready-made fiber preparations. Virtually every pharmacy has in its offer this extremely effective dietary supplement. Fiber is a mixture of water-insoluble compounds that swell in our stomach and effectively reduce the feeling of hunger. That is why it is often recommended to people during weight loss. What’s more, fiber perfectly affects our bacterial intestinal flora and is a very good way to neutralize too acidic pH in our system. It can be applied directly to the mouth and washed or mixed with water, which leads to a thick suspension.

Posted on: August 1, 2019

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