Digestive enzymes and weight loss


People dream about losing weight without major food resignations. Although, weight reduction is not possible without a proper diet and physical activity, but there are ways to make it easier. Very helpful are dietary supplements, which include digestive enzymes.

The human body produces two types of enzymes: metabolic and digestive. These first are present in all cells of the body, and responsible for various chemical reactions, while the other secrete only stomach and intestines cells, and their function is to accelerate digestion.

There is also a third type of digestive enzymes located in the raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, meat, and eggs. Enzymes are necessary for proper digestion and food use. They allow a proper assimilation of nutrients, which is in the food.

In this situation, there is he question of whether the application of additional enzymes makes sense, if such substances our body produces itself. Proponents of a raw diet believe that providing the organism with enzymes from outside can save our own enzymes. This claim was not supported scientifically.

It is worth noting that the enzymes are damaged during production and food processing. Not only heat treatment is harmful for them, but also fertilization, precocious collection, and long storage. If the temperature rises above 40 degrees Celsius, 90% of the enzymes are getting destroyed. Therefore, if we want to deliver enzymes from the outside, we should take supplements, because in food ther is often not enough of them.

According to experts, there are people who can use enzyme supplements, because they help them. This applies to people with the overloaded digestive system. The problem arises in the case of intense workouts or disorders of the center of satiety. Deterioration of digestion is also perceived in the elderly. In seniors the weakness of the metabolism has several causes, but it is possible that one of them is an inflammatory condition of the glands producing digestive enzymes.

It is worth noting that one enzyme is not able to replace another. A deficiency of one enzyme may therefore lead to digestive disorders, even when the remaining level is still high. In elderly patients receiving enzyme helps to avoid digestive problems, while in the case of an abnormal center of hunger enzymes adjust the feeling of satiety and appetite. This will help to avoid weight gain, and weight loss will give better results. In the case of hard-training people enzymes allow more efficient use of nutrients included in a diet. Of course, these people may also notice the elimination of problems like heartburn or indigestion.

To summarize the above information, in certain situations, the use of enzyme supplements can facilitate weight reduction or improve the absorption of nutrients. This applies to people with an impaired satiety center, who train hard, and seniors. The other people who want to make it easier to lose weight, they should choose other supplements, such as fiber or preparation supporting fat burning.

Posted on: September 16, 2018

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