Diet for the impatient


A way of slimming designed for people who want to get rid of unnecessary kilos as quickly as possible. During the 6th day we use diets based on one ingredient – they may be fruit, protein, vegetables, etc. However, it requires strong will and determination. 


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Rice day (800 kcal) 

Fill 15 dkg of rice to flour. Divide into three portions. 


(220 kcal) Rice with 75 g of yogurt, grated apple and a pinch of cinnamon. 2 snacks (30 kcal each) Slice of crisp bread. 


(300kcal) Rice with 10 dkg of cucumber, a spoon of cream, and a dash, lemon juice and dill. Add 1-2 slices of lean ham. 


(220kcal) Fry a rice omelette mixed with protein foam and a teaspoon of chopped parsley. Serve with soy sprouts. 



Banana day (1000kcal) 

During the day you should eat 6 bananas and snacks (eg yogurt, apple, 3 small tomatoes). 



Carrot day (about 150 kcal) 

During the day you should eat half a kilo of raw carrot. 



Curd day (800 kcal) 

75 dkg of lean cottage cheese divided into four portions 


(250 kcal) Cottage cheese with banana. 


(200 kcal) Cottage cheese with 1/2 paprika pods. 


(150 kcal) Cottage cheese with lemon zest. 


(220 kcal) Cottage cheese with chives and potato in a uniform. 


A liquid day (400 kcal) 


(30 kcal) Coffee with milk or tea with a teaspoon of honey. 


(30 kcal) 250 ml vegetable juice. 


(250 kcal) 500 ml of buttermilk, pear. 

Dinner and snack 

(after 45 kcal) 250 ml broth, a slice of crisp bread. 


Watermelon day (about 180 kcal) 

During the day you should eat watermelon or 2 melons. 


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Posted on: February 7, 2019

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