Diet detoxifying the liver. Purification and detoxification of the liver


A liver detoxification diet is not the same as a hepatic diet. Such a treatment, carried out once a year, will help to regenerate the liver, release it from impurities.

A liver detoxification diet is not the same as a hepatic diet – it is used preventively before the liver starts to fail. The liver has over 500 different functions. In order for all these processes to run smoothly, it also needs cleaning itself. Such a treatment, carried out once a year, will help to regenerate the liver, release it from impurities, and also allow you to maintain the correct weight.

A liver detoxifying diet is a cleansing diet that aims to detoxify the liver. The liver is the only human organ that can regenerate itself in the event of damage, even up to 50 percent. It can be removed as much as 1/4 (eg when a family transplant is necessary), and within a few months it will recover, it will take its original shape and size. Unfortunately, we often destroy its remarkable regenerative properties by leading an unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore, among adults it is difficult to find people who have a liver function in 100%. It is damaged by toxins from food, air, stimulants … It harms her food beyond measure, drugs, impurities in food, viruses, bacteria.
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An overloaded liver begins to fail

In most cases (80%), malfunctioning and damage to the body is the result of alcohol abuse. And it does not matter if you drink 2 hundred vodka or 4 beers every day – that’s the same amount of alcohol. The cause of poor liver function, including its enlargement, may be steatosis. It has the ability to break down fatty acids, form fat from them and transfer them to the body. However, when fat is too much, e.g. from food, the liver is growing, it is growing and is not working properly. Steatosis also appears when drug abuse is used, because all ultimately pass through the liver. The discomfort is also favored by the use of sharp slimming diets, especially the so-called unilateral (eg cabbage, protein) or long-lasting hunger strikes. So if you lose weight, make sure that you do not lose more than 4 kg a month for the good of the liver. The liver works badly when raw foods rich in digestive enzymes and fiber are lacking in the daily diet.
Check the condition of the liver
When the liver is unwell, the surrounding protective bag (the peritoneal membrane) extends and the pressure on the adjacent intestines and stomach increases. We feel unpleasant stings in the side, spreading under the ribs. This is the first sign that the liver can not cope. Other signals are

  • slower metabolism, and consequently, the tendency to overweight or obesity, no effects when slimming
  • chronic fatigue
  • elevated blood pressure
  • flatulence, diarrhea, constipation, bitterness in the mouth
  • mood swings from depression to euphoria
  • sugar craving, an appetite for sweets
  • intensification of allergic symptoms, hayfever, asthma
  • changes on the skin, numerous pigment staining and warts, brown patches on the hair roots
  • cold, moist body and skin of hands
  • colored underside of the tongue
  • redness of the skin of the palm of the hand near the thumb and little finger
  • cramps in the calves and fingers of the hands.


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The diet will help clean the liver

To release it from impurities, speed up its regeneration and rejuvenation, you can use detoxification treatments. The simplest and most natural is … diet. You need 8 weeks for full detoxification. Do not catch your head, though. It will not be a time to worry. All you have to do is follow a few rules. Instead of three larger meals, start eating less, but 5-6 times a day. What you can eat raw, eat in the form of salads or salads. Products requiring thermal processing should be prepared by steaming or boiled in a small amount of water under cover. Do not fry, but dill on water with the addition of virgin vegetable oils or bake in foil. Bread must be eaten in the form of bread or toasts. And remember, meals should be fresh, not reheated.


Mild liver cleansing with support

Dietary recommendations are good to combine with other treatments. Worth recommending is drinking cranberry juice and apples or regularly taking tablets of milk thistle – a plant that supports regeneration. The liver works most actively between the hours of 22 and 2. Therefore, end the day with cleansing mixture, drink the grapefruit juice mixed with 2 tablespoons of oil. Then lie down to the bed with a hot water bottle or electric cushion at the right side. After 9 days, make a 5 day break. The treatment requires four repetitions.
Another proven way is regular drinking of herbs. For 20 days, drink before drinking a glass of infusion from the dandelion and the artichoke root (pour a glass of hot water over a teaspoon of herbs and wait 10 minutes). These herbs regenerate liver cells, act cholagogic and cholagogic. Lazy can take ready herbal remedies. They are extracts from the seeds of milk thistle, which contains beneficial for the liver silymarin, and artichoke herb rich in choleretic cynarin.


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