Circuit training – exercises for everyone


What does circuit training look like? 

The form of peripheral training is quite simple. We set up from a few to a dozen or so any exercises that we will perform one after the other. One exercise is called station. We spend a certain amount of time on each station (for example, for one minute jump on a skipping rope) or make a specific number of repetitions of a given exercise (for example 30 crunches), then move to the next station. After completing one circuit, i.e. all the exercises that have been included in the training, we start again, repeating the entire circuit once or twice. Between the exercises, usually short breaks are used. 


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The first circuit training was introduced in 1953 by RE Morgan and GT Anderson from the University of Leeds in England. Their program consisted of 9-12 exercises. Nowadays, there are no such restrictions and the number of stations may vary depending on how much time we have to carry out the training. 


Where to exercise? 

We can take care of such training ourselves, we can also participate in group activities. Many fitness clubs now offer such classes, but nothing prevents you from arranging selected stations at the gym or at home. 

We can practice the whole body or focus on one of its parts and include for training only exercises that develop the muscles of the hands. You can even try to combine business with pleasure and invite friends to have fun in circuit training. 


Exercises on the plus side 

Circuit training has almost the same advantages. First of all, thanks to the unlimited amount of exercises that you can include in its composition, you can often change it and vary it to avoid monotony. What’s more, a huge selection of exercises allows you to customize the training for everyone – from people starting their adventure with physical effort, to advanced athletes. 

Circuit training does not require advanced equipment, we can use what we have in virtually any place. Circuit training also improves physical endurance, and properly selected exercises allow you to burn more calories than normal aerobic training. 


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Posted on: April 12, 2019

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