Cinnamon – how it helps in weight loss?


Cinnamon is a spice with an extremely characteristic, slightly spicy aroma. It is obtained from the bark of cinnamon, known in the form of small, rolled up brown sticks. Cinnamon is used primarily in the kitchen, because it perfectly suits among others. Apples, compotes or desserts.As it turns out, not only the taste is its big advantage.

Prohealth properties of cinnamon

The valuable properties of cinnamon go far beyond the taste experience.This aromatic, sweet-spicy seasoning helps digestion, relieves stomach pain and brings relief in rheumatoid conditions, toothaches, urinary tract infections and dyspnea.The positive effect of cinnamon was also demonstrated in the treatment of acne and impotence.Cinnamon is used, among othersin traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda.

Our grandmothers also benefited from pro-healthy properties of cinnamon by adding a bit of cinnamon to a teaspoon of honey.This mixture was intended to help fight colds and viral infections.These are home-made methods, but the benefits of cinnamon have also been confirmed in scientific research.

Researchers at the University of California have proven that Cinnamonaldehyde and epicatechin contained in cinnamon have a positive effect on brain development.They are inhibitors of tau protein, associated with thedevelopment of Alzheimer’s disease.Interestingly, epicatechin is also an ergogenic compound blocking myostatin, and thus a protein responsible for limiting muscle development.

How does cinnamon help in weight loss?

It is often mentioned about the influence of cinnamon on slimming.It is even called, next to caffeine or capsaicin, a natural fat burner.Why is it worth to enrich the diet with cinnamon during weight loss?

First of all, attention should be paid to the fact that cinnamon sensitizes tissues to insulin, and thus prevents the development of insulin resistance.It is often accompanied by obesity (a high percentage of body fat hinders the action of insulin) and is the result of an unhealthy lifestyle.Cinnamon makes energy from food go better with insulin to the body’s cells. Sensitization to insulin supports not only slimming, but also building muscle mass.

Another slimming factor for cinnamon is the support of digestion, and especially the distribution of carbohydrates (sugars).People who regularly drink cinnamon have noticed a clear drop in blood sugar and cholesterol lowering.It is also worth mentioning the improvement of the action responsible for digestion of the pancreas.

Cinnamon also belongs to the group of thermogenics, or substances that accelerate metabolism and fat burning.It facilitates the lipolysis process – the breakdown of triglycerides and the release of fatty acids (and glycerol) into the blood, which are then burnt.


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How to eat cinnamon?

Although it seems prosaic, it is worth mentioning the consumption of cinnamon.It’s best to just add it to porridge, a portion of fruit or coffee.Cinnamon is a great match for desserts and helps emphasize the taste.When added to coffee, it can be a great step to eliminate sugar (both white and brown).Under no circumstances, however, do not eat powdery cinnamon in a pure form with a teaspoon.On the Internet you will find many videos that will explain to you what it threatens.

Contraindications to the use of cinnamon

In addition to health-promoting properties, cinnamon also has less desirable ones, which are a contraindication to its use.This spice can act sensitizing, so before introducing it into the diet, check if you do not have allergic reactions.Most often they occur along with other ailments of this type, eg allergies to pollen, pepper or nutmeg. Cinnamon should also be avoided by pregnant women, as it can have abortifacient effects in high doses.

Finally, we have to remind you that cinnamon, like caffeine or red tea, is not a wonderful means of slimming, but only a help in reduction.The most important is a balanced diet and regular physical activity.Thanks to its properties, however, it can help to speed up the effects, and certainly to diversify the taste of dishes.


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Posted on: December 17, 2018

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