Cholesterol facts and myths


As you know, cholesterol is produced basically by most of the cells in our body. It is located in the cell membrane, thanks to which such cell remains “waterproof, and more strictly allows separation of substances inside, from those outside the cell. 

Cholesterol is a natural remedy for all kinds of wounds and irritation of the artery, as well as those resulting from the production of tears. 

A lot of hormones are also formed from cholesterol. Both those regulating the metabolism of minerals, the content of sugar in the blood, as well as those that affect the level of stress and those closely related to the characteristics of each sex, namely testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, etc. 


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It is also necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system and the brain. 

Interestingly, cholesterol also protects us from depression. This is because it plays a big role in the use of serotonin – a substance that affects our well-being. Bile, which is essential for digesting fat, is also made from cholesterol. 

It is also a precursor in the production of vitamin D, which is produced by irradiation of the skin in which cholesterol is found, with UV-B rays. 

In addition, cholesterol is a very powerful antioxidant that protects the body against free radicals, and thus against cancer. 

One of its factions, called LDL cholesterol (called “bad cholesterol”) helps in the fight against all kinds of infections.

Enriched by this knowledge, we can now move on to the popular myths about cholesterol. Here are a few of them 


Myth # 1 People who have high cholesterol are more likely to have a heart attack. 

True Youth and middle-aged people who have cholesterol levels above 350 are in fact in the same danger of a heart attack as people who are well below this level. For men of adult age and for all women, regardless of age, high cholesterol positively affects the length of life. 


Myth # 2 Cholesterol and saturated fats clog the arteries. 

The truth In fact, the amount of cholesterol and saturated fats in arteries is not a problem for them, no problem. What is really deposited on them is calcium, which then cures and this is the real cause of problems. In contrast, fatty acids are spread out. 


Myth # 3 Consuming foods rich in saturated fats and cholesterol causes an increase in blood cholesterol levels and exposes us to a heart attack. 

Truth Many scientific studies have been carried out in this direction and so far, absolutely NO of them confirms that there is any connection between the above-mentioned elements of the diet and the collapse. The evidence for this thesis may be, however, Americans who at some point under the influence of dieters’ warnings reduced significantly the amount of fats and cholesterol in the diet, resulting in a paradoxical increase in the number of heart attacks. 


Myth # 4 Drugs that lower cholesterol saved many lives. 

True. The last two experiments, carried out on over 10,000 people, they argue that these drugs did not improve the health of the patients, let alone cure them. 


Myth No. 5 Countries where the residents’ diet is based mainly on animal fats and cholesterol, huge amounts of heart attacks are recorded. 

Truth We have many exceptions to this “rule. For example, Spain, Switzerland or France, where the consumption of the above is the larger part of the menu. So we see that this combination of ingredients is NOT the reason why every year there is a horendalny number of heart attacks. The evidence is the highly developed and rich countries, where people – paradoxically – consume a large amount of animal foods, there is a mass of other factors that affect the frequency of heart attacks. 


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Posted on: February 21, 2019

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