Caloric deficit


Caloric deficit – the basis is a diet

The training plan, regardless of whether it will predict running in the form of an interval or tabata training – it will prove ineffective if one very important criterion is met, which is a well-balanced and, at the same time, healthy diet.

Only a diet that will provide a planned caloric deficit of 200 to 500 kcal by training will ensure the best results. The given properties ensure the best weight loss in the case of a healthy person who does not suffer from obesity or overweight. In the case of people affected by one of these civilization diseases of the 21st century, the calorie deficit may be greater.
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HIIT training exercises – examples

Below are selected exercises that can enrich strength training right after it or on days off with training sessions at the gym, and also provide an ideal basis for reducing body fat.

It is very important that each of these exercises can be done in home conditions, which is also great news for those who prefer home training training in their training plan.

HIIT training at home – selected exercises

– stepper;

– stationary bike;

– running up the stairs;

– jumping with the help of a skipping rope;

– training with a Bulgarian training bag;

– training with boxing training bag;

– HIIT tabata training;

– circuit training based on exercises using the body’s own load.
HIIT training at home – advantages

First, you do not have to spend time getting to the gym before training and going home after training. The time of activity itself is also shortened by the fact that you do not have to wait in queues for equipment at the gym.

For people who work hard and have very little time, HIIT training at home it seems to be the perfect solution. In this way, they will save the necessary time, which was briefly in the previous paragraph, as well as money that would otherwise have to be spent on fuel or a ticket and a gym pass.

Posted on: September 16, 2019

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