Burn calories as soon as possible


What are calories? 

Naturally, there is no better way to burn calories than physical activity. Thanks to it, you not only burn calories – you also improve your metabolism, gain health. But which physical activities are really effective? 

Has anyone ever seen a calorie? It is indeed hard to imagine it, but it exists. 


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According to the dictionary definition 1 calorie (1 inch) is the amount of heat needed to heat 1 g of chemically pure water by 1 degree Celsius at a pressure of 1 atmosphere. Calorie comes from the Latin word calor, or heat. Although today we use the word calorie colloquially, but in fact calorie values of food products are given in kilocalories (kcal), or thousands of calories. However, the name caloriasia has adopted. 

The amount of calories in food products is nothing but the amount of energy that our body absorbs after consuming some product. This energy is then used to sustain our vital functions and activities. 

How to burn excess calories in the most effective way? 

Of course, it will be best to systematically train. But not only exercises have an effect on burning calories during the day. Of course, all activities are important, not necessarily as attractive sounding as spinning or dancing. If you just cleaned the whole house and washed the windows and floors, then congratulations – you lost a lot of energy, or calories. How much exactly? Unfortunately, it is not always easy to determine. However, by swimming for an hour, you know exactly that you are losing about 500 and that there is probably a good motivation for further effort. 

Below is a table of various physical activities and homework, thanks to which you will learn how much your effort is worth per hour. Data refer to a woman with an average weight 

Popular sports 


Daily activities 


Run about 10 km / h 



Walking the dog 















Lesson of salsa 











Now check how this effort has translated into what you eat. 

A cup of cappuccino 

150 kcal = 50 minutes cycling 


A large glass of red wine 

160 kcal = 45 minutes of energetic walking with the dog 



250 kcal = 30 minutes of swimming 


The average portion of chips 

270 kcal = 40 minutes of salsa 



275 kcal = 75 minutes of intensive homework 


 Lose weight with your head! 

Probably just thinking about the effort you have to put in to burn an innocent cappuccino, you feel tired, right? 

If you want to lose weight effectively, remember that every dish, snack or drink is additional calories. You do not have to obsess every bite when you reach for a chocolate bar, but it is worth remembering that you will have to run at least 30 minutes to burn it. Maybe this thought will cause you to reach for a bar with less enthusiasm next time. 

See how many calories you lose, moving actively in a different way. Remember that the amount of calories burned depends strictly on your weight, so the less you weigh, the less you burn them and vice versa. 



about 4 calories per minute – aqua aerobics, cycling at a slow pace, light work in the garden, social golf, home cleaning, slow-motion dancing, ping pong, tennis (doubles), quiet walking; 

about 7 calories per minute – dancing, basketball, volleyball, medium-speed cycling, swimming, skiing, tennis (singles), energetic march; 

about 10 calories per minute – running, kick-boxing, madness on the dance floor, skipping rope, very fast cycling, spinning, strength training with heavy load, intense skiing. 


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Posted on: April 26, 2019

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