Blueberries – a sweet snack that takes care of the heart


Black berries – everyone knows that they are healthy and full of vitamins. However, not everyone knows that they have the ability to prevent the deposition of cholesterol deposits in the arteries.


Researchers found that blackberries are able to lower the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) by nearly half. This effect was maintained even when the test animals were on a high-fat diet. After three weeks of the experiment, LDL dropped by 44% and total cholesterol by 27%. Impressive, right? Does the eating of berries in the case of humans give a similar effect? To answer this question further research is needed, although today specialists are full of optimism.


How it’s working?

Most likely, the mechanism of lowering cholesterol as a result of eating berries is that these fruits support the functioning of the liver. The substances contained in them stimulate the action of some genes responsible for the liver, thus making it work more efficiently. In addition, their action also involves lowering blood pressure and blocking the functioning of fat cells. These are undoubtedly sufficient reasons to reach for berries in the summer and always keep them in the freezer in the winter.


A delicious cocktail

Mix half a cup of blueberries with half a glass of natural yoghurt or buttermilk. If you need a nutritional snack after strength training, add a portion of protein powder to the cocktail.

Posted on: November 8, 2018

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